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  1. xbox version 1.1 Originally had an x3 chip inside but decided to take it out as it wasn't working too well. It had a solderless adapter where I think the connections weren't that great so it didn't always work. I also failed in trying to get the x3 to read the 3tb hdd (I know it only reads 2.2tb but had it spare after PC upgrade) even after formatting with xbpartitioner 1.3, I read something about there being a setting in the x3 config live screen. However, once I installed a new bios and even reverting back I wasn't able to access this. xbox was running at 60c the other day with the DVD drive/HDD out of the case. (I guess this could have contributed to the temp? as the fan wasn't pulling air efficiently . The one thing I did notice is that the CPU temp seems accurate, but the GPU reads 55c and I'm unable to keep my finger on it due to the heat. It's surely more than 55c as the CPU reads maybe 45 and I can touch this fine. I'm using unleashx as the dash for transferring games but plan to boot straight into xbmc4gamers once games have copied over.
  2. Hi, Do you have a list of those games that are best copied over as ISO files? Also have you done anything to your xbox to help reduce temps? Mines locking up even with new thermal paste. Thanks.

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