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  1. Sorry for my late reply. This is not for a 1.6 LPC rebuild. This is for 1.0-1.5 for when you cut some traces and/or destroyed part of your LPC. I’m pretty sure I destroyed my LPC because my Xbox has been stuck in a on/off boot cycle 3x then frag when I have my mod chip installed.
  2. Ok. So i circled the wrong pin 7 on my diagram. It should be one of the via holes to the left of the one I circled. Ok good to know.
  3. The issue is for if you destroy your LPC or accidental cut a trace that connects to it for these boards. You are correct, there is no Pin 4, when looking at the LPC properly, but if you look at the photos the Pin 4 I am referring to is different (I was trying to keep it consistent with the old photo that I'm trying to improve on). Using this following chart, the Pin 4 in the photo is actually Pin 7 proper. Rightfully numbered LPC pin Baldbouncer's Image numbering 1 1 2 11 3 2 5 3 6 10 7 4 8 9 9 5 10 8 11 6 12 7 I could test with a multimeter to see if it reads near 0 ohms, but the issue at hand is i sitll dont know exactly what contact hole/via i should be testing since the photo i'm using as reference is difficult to read.
  4. Hey guys, I was reading barnitos LPC diagnostic thread to fix my xbox (still working on it) and i noticed that the baldbouncer image's is incredibly difficult to read and see what pins he is pointing too. I decided to try and update it with a higher-res photo and color coordinate the pins the the corresponding contact hole but I need someone to double check (preferably someone who has done this before) to make sure I'm pointing to the right ones. Can anyone confirm that I've got the Pin #7 going to the right contact hole and that the contact hole for Pin #4 is the proper one? Thank you.
  5. I wanted to update the baldbouncer photo to be something clearer and so i made this. Can someone double check that my Pin 7 is correct and that Pin 4 is the proper one ( as per the previous commenters post).

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