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  1. anyone want one of these chips? i have one, would sell it to someone interested.
  2. I only went this route because pata drives are smaller and now older by this point, max was what 500gb at what 5400 maybe 7200 rpm... the converter works, I get to throw newer and larger (1TB) in it... you do what you feel is best...
  3. What I’m currently working on: Softmodded (no tsop flash) OG Xbox with locked sata SSD drive, next up 500gb SSD install on 4 total...
  4. you might want to bring it to Mr. Mario's attention, in his video tut (below) he is using a software pack from xbox-hq.com (which was my mistake as well), as that's where the files came from that were virused even in my files from 12 years ago, he tells you to go download "Softmod.Installer.Deluxe.v5.12.Final.Xbox-Hq.zip" from a link and the package has an archive called " Xplorer360.beta6.zip" that scans infected from VirusTotal that contains "W32.eHeur.Malware14" and "Win.Worm.Bybz-204" the other files contained within the archive are all clean. ** UPDATE ** found another copy of Xplorer360 and it only lists "WinWorm.Bybz-204" which i have reported as a false-positive as AegisLab is the only one reporting it.
  5. Yes, I did originally scan the files, but the scanner I used said they were clean, my mistake, no real viruses that are any threat to anyone, just bugs, will fix and repost...
  6. Ok, so investigating further and fixing the issue, it’s one program imbedded in the tutorial program, the oooold flash fxp, will post clean files soon, sorry about this guys...
  7. There is absolutely no way that there is anything wrong with any of those files if you look at the findings from the scanners none of it makes any sense
  8. Those have got to be false positives I have no red flags on my end, And I made that statement because they are executable files and people are always curious about those
  9. Hello all! here is my Softmod Tutorial...! Originally made in 2006, uploaded to torrents, updated and reborn in 2018 as an OGXbox.com Exclusive! anywhore... its written in an easy to follow "noob-blog-style" just in case you are wondering why its so lame... UPDATING FILES FOR DOWNLOAD!! also additionally here are some essential xbox tools for modding/softmodding that are extremely hard to find these days due to most xbox scene sites and forums being dead. I have had them for over 12 years on a unused backup drive. UPDATING FILES FOR DOWNLOAD!! As always all files have been scanned for security threats by VirusTotal.com to rule out any contamination, with the exception of one false-positive in "Xplorer360 v0.9 Beta 6.zip". ** Keep in mind that these tools were made on and for xp/7 32bit windows, they may or may not work or work properly on 32 or 64 bit win 7/8/10, I recommend win xp/7 32bit virtual installation via VMware or virtualbox. Enjoy!

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