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  1. Thanks. I checked the caps and looked for a missing resistors and anything else that may have given up the ghost. I just thought I was missing something simple. I do have a nice shell if I get something crappy in the future.
  2. I ended up salvaging the cord and analog sticks on it. No matter what I tried it would not work. It gave its life to save 2 of its brothers.
  3. Does the s-type controller have a replaceable fuse. I bought on for parts but it seems in better condition that the one I was planning to repair. I primarily bought it for the cord so I could replace the cord on my original that lost a fight with my wife's vacuum cleaner. The cord continuity is good and the breakaway test good on my other controllers. I was hoping there was a fuse that may save it's life. I looked at the pcb under a magnifying glass and see no cold solder joints, but I will reflow them any ways if the controller can be salvaged. If it is dead I will salvage the cord as originally planned. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. So, is there a document that describes each option and what happens for this version?
  5. Thanks. I may buy a couple more clones and have you do 2 or 3 to have a backup on hand .
  6. So, is there anyone in the US who can flash the clone chip? I can't seem to find the programmer in stock. I would pay to just have it flashed with a good bios that will allow me to use more than 137gb of my 1tb drive. Thanks in advance.

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