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  1. It's still hard to make out for sure. Seek to around 11:40 in the video where he points out the corrosion to get an idea of what to look for. After that, see if you see anything similar along the edge in the area he was looking. I know for my board I couldn't pick out the corrosion in the pictures I took. Once I got it under good light and followed the traces along the edge, I could see a break clear as day.
  2. Can you get a really good picture of the other side of the board too?
  3. I saw on reddit that they recommended a Taiyo yuden or Nichicon 1F 2.5V, but it seems these are now out of production.
  4. Thank you for the answer.
  5. I have a v1.4 Xbox and I followed the trace corrosion repair thread. I saw that trace A which is in the picture was bad and I tried to run a wire from the via, but it was too difficult. http://web.archive.org/web/20160330163920/http://diy.sickmods.net/images/pe_trace_12-15.jpg I decided to instead run a wire from the top side of the board to the end of the trace at the circular pad A. So, I wired it to the right side of the bottom signal resistor that's highlighted in red in the P/E continuity trace linked picture. However, I just now noticed that maybe the wire should've been soldered to the left side that's highlighted in pink. It seems to go on and off correctly, but I'm worried maybe I'm bypassing the resistor because of the way I soldered it in.

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