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  1. That has not been my experience with the game, either on OG Xbox or via backward compatibility. That being said, it was my understanding that the buttons on controllers are not analogue. They are either on or off, unlike the triggers and joysticks. Have you got more than one controller to try with?
  2. I should get the new Sata converter board in about 2 weeks time and then i will give the cache clearing a go. Thank you all. I will keep you informed.
  3. Looks like half my issue was a cheap IDE to Sata coverter board was making my DVD drive malfunction. I has ordered a new one with the Capacitors on it, instead of the cheaper one without. Once I have that I think DVD2Xbox might run properly.
  4. Hi, So just the other day, i got a new 2TB Hard installed into my Modded Xbox and I was about to start copying games to my xbox but was having issues with the DVD Drive not recognising any disks any more. While this was happening I decided to play around with the Skin on my installation of DVD2Xbox. I ended up choosing Windows XP Skin. Now the Application starts up with the application splash screen and then goes to a black screen. I am assuming that the skin isn't installed or is broken, so I am getting a black screen. Is there a way to find and fix a config file for dvd2xbox via FTP? and if so how?
  5. Hello, also from Brisbane, Aus. Just pulling my old OGXbox out of the Shed and giving it new life. Now have 4 gens of Xbox in the house all still working.

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