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  1. Thanks @MadMartigan I had redone the whole setup, so everything is now on E:... I also added a few MAME ROMS, but they didn't scan until I added the MAME front end from the downloader. Some of the MAME titles work some are like my Defender for 5200 (where the game goes to splash and you can't start it from anywhere). Some are Alien Love Secrets gibberish on screen, and some are just blank screens. Any good MAME sights that I can get good ROMS? Or is the state of emulation just a crapshoot? I found a few that were suspect, and didn't make it past my internet security, and logged as malicious. I like the GUI view you are using. Where do you change that?
  2. Confirmed that ZSNEXbox is a stand alone product. I do like the interface and menu, but I have discovered that simply adding the ROMS I have for it can be installed in the ROMS location for XE. (And they work) I now have 716 games in the Super Nintendo library. I will download some other Atari games to see if they work...maybe it's just Defender that is the issue. Forging onward!
  3. So I went back to square one, and restored back to stock (again), re-softmodded...(went swimmingly BTW) and installed XBMCEmustation. I had originally started to un-install X4G and FTP XE, I found FTP "copying" files from one location on the Xbox to another file location was agonizingly slow. (Way slower than FTP from PC to Xbox) My FlashFXP was also acting wonky. It was keeping stuff in the cache' after startup, even though I told it not to...and I ended up with duplicate files, files I didn't want, and overwritten files. I was afraid that I would end up with a mess again, so since it was still fresh in my head, I decided to redo everything. I do like the setup a little more, but it seems to be a little less forgiving to add emulators. I am also finding Zsnexbox is more of a stand alone product and doesn't seem to work within XE. I thought I could save it in the "Favorites" menu and launch from there. That doesn't seem to work. I can launch from the File Manager .xbe file, but that's really cumbersome. Anybody have any thoughts? Maybe I can add it somewhere else, that I can launch from the main menu? Atari 5200 still does not start Defender, and I haven't tried PCSXbox again yet.
  4. There is for X4G...although finding info on getting some emulators running correctly is proving difficult.
  5. Maybe I'll switch back to Emustation? I tried it for a little while when I started this project a year or so ago...I just assumed X4G is the latest/newest dash by JXRocky5.
  6. I created the folder. Everything I have done in the past, heard, or read have said to create XBMC in the E: drive. A tutorial on XBMC4Gamers had said to create the Emus folder on the F: drive, point to that when installing emulators, or ROMS... Still would have to create the Emus folder if it were within the C : drive. There is not one created by X4G itself. As mentioned, ZSNESXbox just works when setup this way. Atari kind of works. I just can't start a game.
  7. Sure... There seems to be more information for PC (PCSXbox) than Xbox out there, and what is there seems to point to a defunct website... I looked up some videos, one was a review...and I'm starting to think the file is missing something. There is no icon when selecting the actual emulator. Atari and Zsnexbox both have a game icon. this one just has a "play" arrow and a black background. Also, when you start the emulator, there is no splash screen. It looks like a DOS cmd prompt...The video review I watched had some splash screens that looked like an old PS One controller.
  8. That's how i installed it...(both of them actually) I actually re-installed it yesterday, thinking some files might not have transferred or had errors.
  9. Doesn't seem to be a psxcds folder in this version. I've searched all I can find on adding ROMS to PCSXbox...and there's no tutorial out there that says where to install the image files. Only trying one game in each Emulator right now to get each one working, and perfect what I need to do to get the emulators running before I install others.
  10. Thanks...I will mess with it on Turkey Day. I went with Xbmc4Gamers. Created the Emus File, and started adding from there. Yes..straight from the downloader app for the 5200 emulator. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  11. Thanks to all for the information supplied in this thread. I've successfully updated my softmod, and am up and running. Added a couple emulators. (FTP'd SNESXbox over and it was up and running momentarily). Kudos to SNEXbox developers. It just works. I added Atari 5200 via the downloader app, as well as PCSXbox. Adding ROMS to these seems to present a problem ...looking for any assistance. I can add files to the 5200 games, and they drop in to the game start menu. I can select single player or two player "easy/normal/hard" but cannot start a game. (Defender) I can't find anything on a search for a ROM location on PCSXbox. I added the .cue and .bin files in to the general folder, but nothing shows anywhere in the menu.
  12. UPDATE: Forgot I had an old copy of Splinter cell...loaded Linux file and all is as it should be. Here's what I have now...
  13. UPDATE: Found instructions to restore via the "music" files, I enter the "Eggsploit" and it reboots the dash and immediately tells me console can't read disc/incompatible. I then try to reproduce the second half with button presses, but I keep getting
  14. Ahhh Crap....so I didn't see your post @KaosEngineer I pulled the trigger on the clean install, via my Rocky5 disc. I chose clean install, and could see (and Rocky5 walked me through) that the files I needed would be installed for the softmod. I pulled out my old 007, and attempted to load the file, but it would crash to a black screen. (several times) I then dug out my old replay card with the original mod file and loaded it up. It loaded to original EVOX, and I can FTP...but the box crashes to Error 21 when I select "Load DVD" to start the softmod tool. It boots to stock dash just fine, but Rocky5 is not recognized... This is what i currently have. I feel like we are ok since i can still FTP. Just not sure what to do from here.
  15. Ok now I see what you meant...restore to factory then redo the mod. Sorry, I missed your intent. If I restore to factory, do I lose all aspects of the mod? or will I still be able to install from Rocky5 disc? So here is my current state. I plugged in my ethernet cable and it asked me to update XBMC4Gamers...I did, and now getting the same crash error for XBMC. I can read Rocky5 disc, and it will boot to it. not sure if I have something more going on.
  16. Yeah...that's essentially what I wanted, however the install was not "clean" which surprised me. After re-doing it several times with several methods, I still have an old copy of XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 that I FTP'd years ago. It crashes now that I have done Rocky5's update. Plus who knows what else...never got the chance to mess with it yesterday (yardwork and cleaning up for the holiday). Hopefully this weekend.
  17. Thanks @KaosEngineer Sounds great! Will do that later today. (hopefully...it is a beautiful day here in NC...one of the last few for a while) No larger drive...yet. Up to this point, all the extra work to get a drive in there is past my pay grade. My eyes start to glaze over when I start reading tutorials on it. (and I do PC repairs and builds on the side, as a hobby...) I do have a Maxstor 80 gig IDE that I salvaged from a ditched machine just for this purpose. The compatibility chart I looked at some time ago lists it as one of the best direct drop in's, but I never researched beyond that.
  18. Sorry...guess I'm missing something. I thought I had redone the mod via Rocky5... Is that something different? I ran the disc (burned) and "upgraded old soft mod" installed 5960 dash and backed up eeprom... I now have it working, but want to dump all the extraneous files...
  19. Hey guys, new member...but not new to the scene. I have been a member over at XBMC4XBOX for years. I initially modded this box in 2010/2011-ish. I had run XBMC on it for my daughter for a number of years, with the help of the fine folks over at X4X, have updated it several times...added some SNES ROMS and had quite a bit of fun messing around with it and the scene. As it got to be a little longer in the tooth for HD streaming, and several devices that are smaller and much more powerful that can do much more, I packed it away. My son is now 15, and loves all things gaming. I would like to get this back up and running with more ROMS that he and his friends can enjoy. Several months ago, I updated the dash with Rocky5 1.17 disc, but could never get anything to boot off of it. I only got Rocky5's gray dash, and the downloader working. XBMC would boot to a red error screen, and XBMC Emustation/XBMC4Gamers would not do anything...no matter how much I tried. I posted over at XBMC4XBOX several times to get some help, but really received no answers. In the last few weeks I have found this site, and have been reading as much as I can. I got the box out today, and had forgotten that in a fit of desperation, I tried HEXEN 2018 to try to wipe the mod and start over. It still had UnleashX as the main dash, and booted right up to it. XBMC 3.5 was still in the E: folder, but still booted to the red printed error screen. When I tried to switch to it as a dashboard I couldn't get UnleashX back. I put HEXEN back in and ran through some tools and kept getting more errors. Just dug Rocky5 out again, and ran through the softmod updater. It is a stock (other than the softmod) 1.4 that I believe was warranty repaired by Microsoft at one time. I purchased it from a friend at work, and it had previously been opened up, but no mods had been done. Booted fine to stock dash with all his game saves. I had done the original mod with the Replay card and 007 with Krayzie's, I believe. It worked great, and I was constantly reading and messing with updates and dashboard appearance for it when it was in my daughter's room. I would really like to clean this thing up. Rocky5 is now updated, and I installed the XBMC4Gamers, and booted to the dash...it worked! Now that I am a little more encouraged, I want to get this as clean as possible before adding ROMS, etc... I feel all of my attempts have left junk behind, and I want it gone...Is there a utility or anything that will get my softmod to a point that it has only what it needs to run? Then I can begin again. Like a "fresh install" or "refresh"? I have old XBMC builds, and who knows what else cluttering up the disk. Or possibly a folder structure diagram that I can follow, and clean up manually? I had incorrectly assumed that the softmod updater or HEXEN would wipe everything for me, but that was not the case. I've poured through both discs and have not seen anything like this in any menus. Thanks in advance...love the site Kevin

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