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  1. thanks for that but how i can yes the trainers with xored xbox can you learn me
  2. mine it's 1.6 i guess from the date of its produce tell now the thermal paste never change but i just want to know to add emu and music and add cheat cods to use it with xbox games
  3. yeah thanks i'll give it a try one more question how i can make my xbox unNoisy because it has laud noisy sound and how i can add emu music and cheat codes for my xbox games
  4. look i have that device will is it do the job?
  5. i fixed every thing and my xbox is lock and load it but is there a way to put the game faster then ftp?
  6. look my xbox works so good sometimes i got error 13 and 5 so how i can have the original xbox dashboard and how i can unlock the harddrive
  7. i did every think but it gives me erro i did every thing but it gives me error 5 why is that
  8. thanks i will do that and tell you the result
  9. hello yesterday i upgraded my xbox's new hard drive it has 120gb but i fond that f has 4 gb and the e 1gb why that is happen and how i can do factory reset truhexen 2021 and how i can increase the f partition and whne i want to do harddrive upgrade with truhexen it ask for password how i can do that passowrd
  10. i just wanted to give the large capacity for the largest drive
  11. i just wanted to put them without any problems
  12. i just wanted to give a huge of the capacity to have a lot of games
  13. thanks man for the help i do have an ide 120gb but i want do just 2 partitions c and d i want to give 110gb for the d and the rest for the c my new hard drive is 120gb it's an ide and i want just 2 partitions c and d can i do that

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