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  1. i opened my xobox original controller i just wander if i can take a way the cable and replace it with another xbox original controller cable
  2. i'll try to buy Brook Wingman XB
  3. yeah sure i'll do that really do u know how to use xbox 360 control in my xbox
  4. how i can replace it and about the adapter that his photo
  5. it came with my xbox i wasn't know that will not feet with my xbox any way there is an adapter that allowed me to use ps1-2 controller is that useful for my xbox
  6. it's the original one and also i have another one but with different slot how i can use it with my xbox
  7. i do that but when i play games is total chaos so what i should do with that chaos thanks
  8. i did solved the problem but i have something that needs help my xbox gamepad is misbehavior how i can fix that and also how i can add cheat cods to the xbox the link https://streamable.com/8o6au6
  9. do u think that will help?
  10. i did every thing and it still the same is it from the windows or what and is there any other way to add games
  11. my pc has port for Ethernet and usb ports that i'm using my wifi adapter Does the link light on the Xbox and PC's Ethernet port light up? yes they are light up and my Ethernet is built on to the pc's motherboard my pc is intel core 2duo
  12. i did every thing and it still the same what i should do please
  13. avalanche dash i don't have router i just wanted from xbox to the pc
  14. hello guys i have an xbox 1.6 with aladdin chip i want to contact my xbox with my pc i'm using Ethernet cable from the xbox to the Ethernet hole in my pc and the xbox didn't get the ip and also my pc didn't detect my xbox so i can get the contact and contact the xbox with filezila my pc is win 10
  15. i did that many times and still the same i did installed the new dashboard and the problem still the same but it wasn't happened to original dashboard before i did install OGXBox Installer

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