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  1. I tried composite, S-Video, and component video leads, but to no avail. The inductor L4A1 seems to be fine. Please see the attached close-up picture. I am still waiting to receive the compatible SATA/IDE to USB adapter to create a stock drive for this misbehaving Xbox. It is disappointing when that happens. Luckily, the only leaking capacitor in this Xbox was the clock capacitor.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I tried all my external hard drive enclosures, but, unfortunately, none of them appear to be compatible with xboxhdm/smartmontools (yes, I also tried adding “-d sat” to the smartctl command). I have also been trying to locate the original hard drive, but, so far, I have had no luck. Consequently, I cannot boot this console from the stock drive at this moment. This will have to wait until I receive a SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter compatible with smartmontools. I will post an update when this happens. As far as bad solder joints around the video encoder c
  3. Hello guys, This post will be somewhat long because I want to include as much relevant information as possible. I have a v1.1 NTSC-U Xbox console, which I purchased brand new back in 2003. I modded it with a Xecuter 2.0 Pro mod chip sometime around 2004. It worked great for 2-3 years with no issues whatsoever. Then, out of nowhere, it started to intermittently FRAG. Sometimes it would boot just fine, but other times the Xbox would flash red and green and require me to reboot it 10 times in a row before it would boot to dashboard. Also, sometimes the Xbox would boot just fine and wor

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