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  1. It didnt do anything special, it behaves like a normal 'A' press. Just making sure, is this for xbmc-emustation (my need) or emulationstation? I did up,up... using the D-pas, should I use the analog joystick?
  2. I can't seem to find the key combination :/ cheers
  3. i it's here : basically you : 1) use the downloader to update emustation to the latest test version (" xbmc options" from the carousel, then "downloader", then "update" then "emustation test build". ) 2) do step 1 AGAIN (the second update is super small) 3) decide where you want to save the roms (press START to go to the menu in emustation, the "advanced settings", then "roms path", which I set to /F/XBMC-E/Roms and I set the media to /F/XBMC-E/media 4) FTP all the roms from resurrection extras to /F/XBMC-E/Roms/snes 5) use the downloader (" xbmc options" from the carousel, then "downloader", then "artwork", then SNES") to get all the artwork (except the movies) 6)If you really care, FTP all the movies from "/Movies" in resurrection extras to /F/XBMC-E/media/snes/videos 7) update your list of roms (press START to go to the menu in emustation, then "scanner", then "scan all systems" you're good to go
  4. Alright, I got an answer on reddit from Rocky5. Basically, what I say is the correct approach to get 100% artwork, but I can also just move the roms over and let the downloader fetch most artwork automatically.
  5. Thanks for the huge post ! I'm stuck at the part where you are supposed to drag and drop the resurrections xtras. I have downloaded the SNES file and the structure doesnt appear to be the same in resurrection xtras than in XBMC-emustation. Can I really just drag and drop the unzipped files (if so, where?) , or do I have to do some "thinking" like this : Resurrection Xtras folder structure for SNES (https://rappscallion.wixsite.com/ressurectionxtras) looks like this : /Artwork/3D Boxart /Artwork/Action /Artwork/Box Front /Artwork/Cart /Artwork/HyperSpin 3d Boxard /Artwork/Misc01 /Artwork/Titles /Commercials /GameFAQs /Manuals /Movies /Roms /Saves /VGMaps , while the folder structure for /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/ looks like this: /emulators/snes/ /media/snes/boxart /media/snes/boxart3d /media/snes/logo /media/snes/mix /media/snes/screenshots /media/snes/videos /roms/snes Do I need to do the following " from --> to" copies ? /Artwork/3D Boxart --> /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/media/snes/boxart3d /Artwork/Box Front --> /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/media/snes/boxart /Artwork/Titles --> /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/media/snes/logo /Artwork/Action -- > /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/media/snes/screenshots /Movies --> /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/media/snes/videos /Roms --> /F/XBMC-Emustation_file/.emustation/roms/snes or is there something with less thinking involved? Doing this for all the REsurrection Xtras seems a lot of "work".

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