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  1. Thanks Donnie, I tried everything i could but have literally found the answer minutes ago. I have a hot air station so i reflowed the Nvidia MCPX X3 chip till it was hotter than the sun. So I know its not going to last forever but maybe if i heatsink it or install a small extra fan on it. Seems to boot flawlessly now so I can re-install the modchip. I would never have found that if not for threads on here as green and red flashing is a general frag that could be anything from a short to bad eeprom.
  2. Trying to rescue a 1.6 box. The unit booted to microsoft dash but dvd rom drive has failed, tried cleaning and pot adjustment, no luck. Next obvious option was installing a modchip.Installed an Aladdin XT plus I had working in another 1.6 as was already flashed. On boot I get the unit cycle on and off until the third attempt where it flashes Green and red really fast. I removed the lpc wiring and modchip, even pinheader, checked for damage, the header is perfect and the xbox boots normally. I have never had an issue like this before. Do I just keep trying to install again or am i missing something. Does the 3 boot attempts mean something? I am unsure to the sequence of events from pressing the power button. Any pointers, help would be appreciated. Just dont want to throw it out. Update, the green / red fragging is not modchip related and happens intermittently when running the box without a modchip. Progressively worse the more boot resets.
  3. I would agree with cleaning the old belt in warm soapy water and drying it off. Clean both drives the belt has contact with using isopropyl alcohol as this is likely where the grease and crap has formed a film and coated the belt. I have in the past used my daughters hair bands, really small black strong elastic bands that when shorter improve the opening speed of the dvd drive too.

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