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  1. I have 50 Xenium boards to make up but haven't put digikey order in yet I've been using cheap-o DVD-Rs. I will buy some verbatim ones and see how they behave. I write on 2x speed as that's the slowest my burner goes.
  2. I got a job lot recently of some consoles - and all of them have buggered Thomson drives I've tried adjusting pots, tried booting multiple burnt copies of HeXen and OGXBOXInstaller etc. but all seem to just hang on the Linux screen. Any suggestions for what can be done? Can a HDD be setup outside the console? I have FATXplorer - and I know Eaton was looking at adding more support for the OG Xboxes however I think these are all still in beta. Cheers guys
  3. Hi bud - just a quick one, me and a couple friends have used this disc and once we set up the HDD using the tool it just hangs as MS logo on boot. However, when we do the same with Hexen, it boots fine as it should. Are we doing something wrong?
  4. Ta for letting me know chief, I will await your update!
  5. Cheers for this, deffo going to be giving this a go. Time to dig out the DVD burner
  6. Thanks fella, just installed the Aladdin chip into my crystal 1.6

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