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  1. Well I know that, I will wait and see if anyone has one or a pre-modded system. The chip will run over $100. As far as openxenium goes, I'm not sure how to interface an LCD screen to it, I just did some web searches and people just asking about it lol. I am already set up for Xecuter 3. My chip still works, amazingly, but I want to replace it.
  2. Hello I almost completely fried my xecuter 3, so I'm in the market looking for a new one. Thanks
  3. How are you guys fitting this gigantic PCB for the 4 row in the front of the case? Anyone have photos? I'm going to attempt it but not expecting it to come out right. I have, however, found another vendor for a slimmer model of the 4 row, just it costs about $20 a piece for them which I guess isn't bad though.

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