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  1. No real benefit using SSD, good to know.
  2. I really like this idea of using SMB to transfer games. I will do this to take copies to my Server (8TB backup of all my stuff). Did you resolve the issue and get ACLs across? P.S. Sorry to drag up old posts but I am a NOOb and my first step with the revival of the 360 console is to get my game discs in order. Would hate to find that games are no longer usable so a backup seems to be a good way to start.
  3. I'll be using DVD2Xbox for some old discs that need to be backed up. Really interested to know the answer / explanation. Anyone got the definitive answer to help NOObs like me? Thanks in anticipation...
  4. Hi, bought the XBox 360 along time ago, not just for me but for my 2 new kids ... both boys. It was supplanted by a wonderful and powerful PC. But, now it is back on and the games still seem great. So, I have a new found desire to get the most out of this console. Glad I found this forum and hoping to learn from you all. Will contribute where I can. To start though - one of our discs is playing up and I just wondered what is the best approach apart from trying to polish the scratches out of the surface.??? My initial thoughts are to install a program to copy the disk to hd

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