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  1. Hey, I'm so sorry for the late response - life suddenly got a little hectic for me. You may already know about this, but I think I have found a build tree for the Xbox Live dashboard from last year's May 23rd leak. It's the "HDD" torrent that's floating around out there that contains Sources.7z which has been split into three parts. Within that archive is a folder called "Xbox Live Source" which contains an 8GB zip file labelled, "XONLINE_MAIN.zip". I haven't looked too far into this, but for the purposes of your build trees, this may contain some missing pieces. PM me if you ca
  2. Welp, I'm embarrassed for not checking there first, since I had fetched a few other things from that site earlier, lol. Thank you so much for pointing this out! It would appear that this is one and the same as the binary I was searching for in those dead warez archives, down to the matching password and serial number. I'll pick the installer apart with unshield and some other stuff to see what we've got, but I did just finish installing it in an XP vm. My directory tree sounds a little different from yours though. Below is a tree view of some files that I believe we may be talking about,
  3. This is awesome work! I fetched your git tree and vhd last night and attached it to my Win XP vm and had no issues (beyond the warnings you mentioned) doing a clean build. I'm sure you have looked around too, but to get some info out there, it appears that the installer for IS Pro 6.20 and 6.21 were likely distributed as "InstallShieldProfessional620.exe" and "InstallShieldProfessional621.exe", while 6.22 may have been distributed as "IPSE622.exe". The installer was probably around 95mbs in size. This is all speculation based on archives of warez pages from twenty years ago. Whi

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