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Hello everyone!

I recently picked up a box with Xkiller Xecuter 2 and while trying to make a USB cord for it, I somehow fried the circuitry for port 2. I had another box for spare parts and tried swapping the headers, no luck. My real questions are

A: Do they make controller hubs (like a 2 or 4 way splitter) that I can just plug into port 1 so that I can still have a 2nd controller detected? I've searched everywhere and couldn't find one and if not 

B: Can I just splice the wires (on the internal plug) that go to port 2 on to the wires for port 1 and still have it see the second controller when plugged? I'm thinking so since it is just a USB interface... But I would love some input before I try.

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The Xbox uses two USB controllers, one for port 1 & 2 and another for ports 3 & 4.   I assume when you say header, you mean a complete controller port; correct?  I have seen it where a loose connection on one of the ports will cause one port to work and one not to on the same usb connection but it seems strange that port one still works.

I would think if whatever you did that you believe to fry port 2 would have fired port one as well because essentially the controller port block is a splitter itself connected to one usb plug on the motherboard.

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