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I just wanted to say I. I have been getting back into retro gaming along with my two boys. I just Modded an XBOX 1.6 with Aladdin XT 2. I am now trying to figure out what the next best step would be. Use the Hexen CD to set up? I will be adding a 1 or 2 TB hard drive in the future but right now it has the 80GB that came with it. 

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    • By Insomniac80
      Hello everybody
      I am new here and new with Xbox at all
      i just get xbox crystall ( belive its 1.5 or 1.6 have no idea how to check it without opening) and  i thought that i wana softmoded it  (for a start)
      my colegue said i gona find help here so i try
      can annybody  give me some clues  how to check is my xbox 1.5 or 1.6 or 1.6b   how to start  ( i found that i need a special cable for usb stick and splinter cell game for special save) is that the only one way to soft mod?
      it so many  diferent videos   (i am not a lazy i star reading about it  seen some video but hope maybe sb  here give me a helpfull hand)
    • By IAmADrunkGuy
      Hello Everbody!
      New to the site. . A little background on me. I've modded several original xboxes waaaaay back in the day.......8+ years ago, 360 flashing etc.., ps2s with swap trick to install freemcboot then replicate the card, Wiis, WiUs, Dreamcasts (they just play backups LOL). Mainly all of them with softmods no soldering because I suck at it !!   Finding all the tutorials and info very helpful!!  Thanks!!! 
    • By disasterpiece976
      Hi guys, I'm new here, but not really new to modding things.  I hotswap/xboxhdm/ude'd about 20 xboxes almost a decade ago.  ive never installed any modchips or tsop'ed anything, but i just picked up another xbox and gonna bust my tsop cherry on it.  i just softmodded it the only way i could, it was a nightmare because of different things, cd drive not working, trying to boot xboxhdm from usb, it didnt copy all the files, then error 21, tried to fix that, ended up with error 16, ended up tearing apart an old external dvd burner and bam, got it working with old faithful hdm 1.9, and ndure 3.1.  I gotta say, I would've had a heavy ass paperweight if not for this site.  there's a lot of knowlege here...I guess Im trying to figure out where to go from here...was thinking backup everything, get eeprom, update the softmod with rockys awesome software, then try my hand at this tsop thing.  ok, long ass rant/introduction over!  thanks for the mountain of info!

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