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Ndure Softmod Vs Softmod Deluxe V5.11

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I have softmodded a v1.1 XBOX with a Sharp TSOP using Softmod Deluxe v5.11 and have experienced a few issues:

  1. When sending files to the XBOX via Filezilla, the system frequently freezes and sometimes restarts. This happes especially with large files.
  2. The lights around the eject button behave differently than stock. When I make changes in settings they don't seem to work. For instance, even when I set it to do so, the light around the eject button will not flash when the drive is busy. Also, even when I set the light to be green, it is green when I first turn the system on, then changes to orange while the softmod is booting then turns back to green again.
  3. When I make changes to settings in the settings menu of the UnleashX dash, they don't carry over to the settings menu in the softmod menu. I find I have to make setting changes in two places.

Have you guys experienced this? Is this normal for this softmod?

Which softmod do you guys prefer between NDURE and Softmod Deluxe? If I want to switch to NDURE, do I select the remove softmod option in Softmod Deluxe, then install NDURE? Or can I install NDURE over Softmod Deluxe without removing it first.

(I've decided to just leave this XBOX softmodded since it has the Sharp TSOP chip which is more involved in TSOPing than the others.)

Thank you very much for all of your help and advice.

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I recommend using the softmodding tool from jrocky5 as it's the most user friendly and up to date. His softmodding tool Xtras disc is nice too because it allows you to change from an old softmod to his without all the hassle.

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Rocky5's Please login or register to see this link.  Build 1.1.4 is the latest.  Last update made 20180106.

There are probably 2 different copies of the dashboard running with each one reading its own config.xml file, Therefore, making changes in one does not change the other. 

Check to see if the path to UnleashX changes.  Press the (Y) button for the System Info page then scroll down to find the path and running dashboard XBE. Repeat for the two different areas you've noted.  If the same XBE and path, changes should carry across. If different, you know the reason why changes to one don't carry over to the other.

The softmod changes the color to amber (indicates softmod active) then after UnleashX starts the LED color changes to that of the dashboard settings.

Make sure you are running the latest version of FileZilla. 

I'd also say to make sure to run the latest version of UnleashX; however, it has a root directory glitch where you cannot enter one of the drive letter partitions by clicking on it.  You have to key in the remote directory first to enter (e.g., C, E, F, G). There seems to be a buffer overflow problem with the date/time that corrupts UnleashX's FTP server's root directory listing.

UnleashX 0.39.528A Build 584 - latest version. 

Rocky5 has patched the UnleashX 0.39.0528A Build 584 xbe included in his softmod. It sets a fixed date/time for all transfers thus resolving the problem.

UnleashX 0.39.0222A Build 572 - no root directory listing glitch.


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