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Converting a Hdd From a Tsop XBox To Softmod?

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I cloned the stock drive on my softmodded Xbox to a 500gb drive that was in my dead TSOP xbox using Chimp and locked it. The drive boots up just fine. I then use HeXEn disc to install Krayzie One Click softmod, and that was successful. I reboot into HeXEn, and I can see the F and G, but F looks empty in the file explorer (it says F has 35mb free, when it should be about 20GB free), and G says there is 0 space free. G doesn't even show up in UnleashX even though F and G are enabled.


How can I get the contents of F and G to show up? I really dont want to have to reformat F and G/re-transfer everything if I can avoid it.

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    • By dorkmana
      This is my frist time working with a Tsop im looking for advice 
      ik i got 1..0 1.1 versions does this wire need to be a single copper or can it be threaded 
      also hexen i can find but a bios checker i can not fine any where
    • By Wouter A
      My brother has a few 3tb sata drives with some smart errors. 
      I would like to use them in some xboxes. 
      The drives work fine in the pc,  but not for data centers anymore. 
      How would a xbox react to these? 
      As the are not running full days,  will it go? 
    • By Brennyg Davies
      It's begun, the thinning of my Xbox collection. Blue/silver , colour change led, larger drive, etc
      £90 plus a years free IPTV is not a bad deal as I didn't pay anything for console years ago as it had a sticky drive lol.
      my red /silver be going soon, 


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