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Frank D'Agostino

List of Good Running Ps1 Games for Pcsxbox V22b22

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So I stumbled across the PS1 emulator for the original Xbox and I thought great. So I load it on a bunch of games and to my disappointment a lot of them did not run great. Game such a Silent Hill and Resident Evil some of the consoles best. The original Xbox could not handle some of the graphical demands the PS1 could deliver.

So I took it upon myself to see what is available to run good on pcsxbox v22b22

I loaded on an FTP over over a hundred original PS1 games. And I tested every single one over the course of a couple days. The results are in.

Now I know emulation is not perfected for the PS1 but I wanted to know what kind of a game list I could put together with what is available now

Surprisingly to see frames per second in some games did not matter. I am including frames per second in the list. But please look past it. This does not mean the game is not running good.. a game could be running as little as 10 or 12 frames per second and still be totally playable if you did not see the frames per second in the top left corner of the emulator..

Every game in this list below is totally playable on this emulator running 1.5 core version I did not change anything and I booted the cue file.

Here is the list of what has passed play ability test so far (dec 26 2017)

Batman Forever the arcade game - 20 FPS

Bomberman world - 30fps

Bust-a-move 99 -17fps

Bubble Bobble featuring rainbow Islands -45fps

Bust A Move 4 -17fps

Capcom vs SNK Millennium fight - 22fps

Castlevania Symphony of the Night -25fps

Diablo -17fps

Doom - 13-15 fps

Evil Dead Hail to the King -30+ fps

Grand Theft Auto 1 -20+ fps

Guilty Gear - 12fps

King of Fighters 99 - 20fps

Megaman X3 -25 fps

Megaman X4 - 25 fps

Megaman X5 - 25fps

Megaman X6 - 25 fps

Mega Man 8 - 25 fps

Parappa the rapper - 12 fps

Marvel superheroes - 18 fps

Marvel vs. Capcom - 18 fps

R types - 25 fps

Strider - 20fps

Strider 2 - 20fps

Street Fighter Alpha 2 - 20 fps

Street Fighter Alpha 3 - 15 fps

Street Fighter collection -17 fps

Street Fighter collection 2 - 17fps

Super puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo - 25fps

Wild Arms - 15 fps

X-Men vs. Street Fighter - 20 fps

Tekken - 12 fps

I physically played and tested over 60 to 70 PS1 games. These are the games that made the cut. Please keep in mind even though the frames per second maybe low for some reason these games can pull it off. It seems to me like it can easily run side-scrolling type games. Or 2D Fighters very well. Eventually I will be adding more to this list as time goes by. If anyone wants to add any other games feel free below.


PS I know that there are lists that's a what this emulator can emulate. But I have actually tested these myself.

Thanks for reading and have a good day




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