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Found 20 results

  1. I've been contributing to the Xbox Dev Wiki for a while, but just found out about this site. Good to see a bunch of people still interested in the classic Xbox! My interests mostly lie in emulator development, but I've been doing a lot of hardware work lately. Currently working on a replacement for the Super I/O debug board with a USB interface, CDC serial port, on-board LPC flash programmer, and SMBus controller.
  2. Hello Og Peepz

    i am flappentap from the netherlands and started back again modding/collecting xboxes for 2 years now. i came across this site and thougt i stick around and read (i am a reader not so much a writer) hope that we maybe can learn from this nice site. greetz Flappentap i have in my own collection ; a crystal box aladin xt plus 2 chip with 500gb sata en coinops ninja a black box with x3 ce 200gb blue power led mod and 2 blue leds for each controller port. and last week found a xbox x3 ce with 320gb blue ghost case and the blue x3cp. and some others that i bought to mod and sell again
  3. Hello Friends!

    Hi guys I played a lot of consoles through the years but I am enjoying my softmodded xbox best. My cousin had a softmodded one with avalaunch over 10 years ago and it blew my mind then. I'm from Ohio and it's pretty chilly rn.
  4. Hello Hello

    Just a quick hello, I been lurking in the FB page for a while now, its been 10 years since I last took a torq driver to a box, Glad to see ithe interest in OG is still alive and kicking
  5. Hello Guys

    hi everyone, been an xbox collector for a few years now, love the new xbox stuff but i do have a decent collection of the old xbox consoles and games ( games are mostly demo versions from shops ) ive got the original xbox hulk edition ( boxed ) brand new blue kasumi chan edition, green dev kit and the larger crystal development kit console, plus a few others like the mountain dew, black crystal one and a nice modded rare red xcm cased model., also got my computer running in a modded crystal xbox case i built a couple of years ago. i did consider selling my hulk edition but i have no idea as to prices anyomore !! anyways just thought i would say hi
  6. Hello

    Hi all, My name is Don. I was a member on XboxScene several years ago. I still have a lot of Xbox parts from years ago sitting in my closet and I'm looking to finish up some projects.
  7. Hello All

    hi all , looking for help on my modding , yeps im a newbie
  8. A BIG Hello from to everyone. Old school retro gamer/collector from the UK here. Been gaming since 1978 so i have grew up with all the arcades and consoles. decided to finally dip my feet into the modding world for once. Going to be a big learning curve but i am looking forward to it!
  9. Hello XBox OgX

    Hello Xbox Modders, I was a heavy Xbox Customizer back in the day. dealt with just about every scenario, eject button, power button hacks re aligning the dvd drive lasers, hard drive installs, also did painting of the boxes. happy to help if I can!
  10. Hello World!

    hello, my name is ben, and you can call me RetroFan90 (From EmuXtras)/(TheIsoZone) / etc i'm new to this site but i bet i'm gonna like it a lot.. I Have 2 OG Xbox Systems Both v1.6 NTSC-U/C I Have 3 PS3 Systems (2 of which need parts) i have 3 PS2 Fat Consoles (2x SCPH-39001 and 1x SCPH-50010) I have a modded SNES Console (5 Volt Power Supply / RGB with Sync on Green "Component" Video / S-Video / Composite + Stereo RCA Audio + Custom Capacitor Hackjob to Eliminate Trailing Purple Blur on Grayscale Objects) + 22 Games + 2 Controllers (1 Original / 1 Third Party) 1x modded old front loader NES (10NES Disabled / Blue Power LED + 47 Kohm Resistor Famicom Audio Mod (No RGB/HDMI) A Nintendo Wii (Soft-Modded, Duh) With a 500 GB HDD as FAT32f or "everything".
  11. Hello All!

    I'm Derf, primary curator of the wiki over at /r/OriginalXbox (among a few other wikis).. Just stopping by to say hi and check out the site. Looks great!
  12. A Hello To Everyone

    Hi all, Thought I'd join up and say hi. Glad to see people still keeping the original Xbox going. In my opinion the best console ever as beyond it it's just a graphics race and with emulators it can play most stuff before it. Very interested in reading and discussing more about creating a laptop version, but keep getting lost on what to do and how I want my attempt to turn out. Anyway that is a debate for a different thread so I'll end things here and hope to talk more soon.
  13. Just joined up after finding the site while googling some Xbox related stuff. Been into modding for longer than the Xbox has been a thing. Had a bit of a break from it all and recently decided my stock pile of OG Xboxes needed some love. My background is electromechanical engineering , but now work in IT so I guess modding is in the blood. I always look at electronics and think I wonder what it looks like inside. Glad to be here and to have found an active site that's not got posts that are unanswered for ten years. Hopefully I can learn and teach in equal measures.
  14. Hello All

    Love the site, been in the Facebook group for a long time now. Started modding Xboxs in 2002, recently got back into it. This site has been a real help to helping me catch up and remember old tricks.
  15. Hello

    Hello everyone. My name is Dan, and I am currently living in Okinawa. We've been here for about 3 years and will be moving out to the North West in the next couple of months. I first got into modded gaming systems when I was in Kuwait back in 2003. I had a PS2 and an OG Xbox modded, bought a buttload of games for each, and then realized that there was no reason I couldn't do some of this stuff myself. Well...I was pretty busy and never had time to get fully into modding, but I now have a little bit more time and am trying to learn everything I can. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here, and hope that I can somehow contribute to the community. thePiratePimp
  16. Hello There

    Hi, I'm Sulli and have 27 years. I live in France and I collect OG Xbox. I try to get all games released in the console. Happy to see a great forum speak about my favorite console.
  17. Hello Folks

    I can't remember if I did one of these but my name is Andrew. I did my first softmod back in 2007. I have been doing a little light modding here and there with different things. I will admit it wasnt till recently that I got down how to FTP to my Xbox. It seems there maybe be some issues with the exploit that I used and at the moment I dont feel like messing with it. Hexen has allowed me to FTP so I am happy. I will be doing my first TSOP here soon. I have done some interesting case mods with a 360 before. I am hoping to maybe do an OG Xbox Slim mod in the near future. To date I have modded 2 xboxs, 3 psps, a wii, and a ps2
  18. Hello Everybody.

    Hey everybody the Names Albert but CptKlink is my Handle. I thought my introduction I would share my awesome score and my first time owning an OG Xbox. My first time owning an OG Xbox and an awesome score happened only close to 6 years ago. My now wife and I just took the big step at the time and moved in together and we both desided we wanted to get some kind of console just nothing new cuz both of us are more of a fan of older games. So we began searching Kijiji (Canadian form of craigslist). After a few hours of searching we found someone selling a PS1, N64, and an OG Xbox with 2 Dualshock controllers for the PS1, 4 official N64 controllers for the N64, and 5 controllers for the xbox 2 being logitech wireless and the other 3 official s types. All that for $120 that in its self is a pretty good deal but the real score I didn't know till the next day when we went to get them. Lucky for me the guy selling these consoles had alot of money and really little brains and just liked playing videos games. He had really no idea what he had. He said he just bought one of the most expensive xboxes he found on ebay and bought it. The Xbox actually had a xenium chip in it along with a 500 GB HDD and a set of monster component cables. The N64 also had an RGB Mod done to it and the PS1 was also modded with a modchip and came with a gameshark. The guy really had no idea what all he had and thought thats how the consoles came stock it was crazy and one of the best deals I have ever found for anything not just Consoles. Well that was my first dip in to the OG xbox and have been hooked since. Sadly that xbox I had to sell a while ago and now just got myself a 1.4 xbox again about a month ago bought for $40 with 2 duke controllers a/v and power cables and 16 sports games. I now have it TSOPed with IND 5004 with a 250 GB HDD, 80MM fan mod, Internal Logitech Receiver mod, and internal wireless network adapter mod.
  19. Been lurking around the FB page since shortly after it was started. Decided to join the forums since I will have some time on my hands come the end of August. Located in Northwest Iowa and have been modding Original Xbox consoles for many, many years as well as Jailbroken Playstation 3's, RGH Xbox 360's, and many more consoles.
  20. Hello

    Hello i found this forum from the xbox mod facebook group which i have been following for a while

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