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  1. XEnium Ice Flashing

    So you got one of these suckers installed in your 1.6 xbox, me too. Change the stock HD for a 500GB one. I got into the xenium os from boot, and loaded retail dashboard to change the clock, spot on. Rebooted back to Xenium, and loaded Evo, and setup my ftp ip, and noticed my hd only registered 129gb,well i was having non of it. So i ftp'd xpartioner 1.3 over, ran it and it told me i needed lba48 version 2, hmmm. Now this part is what i found online after massive searches and swearing bouts. Remember the usb lead you got for softmodding, well your gonna need it again with your flash drive. put your Hexen disk into pc and extract the bios file. The one you need for the 1.6 is (evox.m8plus.v16.fc.137.bin) put this file as is onto your flash drive. Plug drive into xbox, and boot to xenium os. select launch menu, and add new item, pick flash and select your evox file, name it give it a colour, and launch it. Job Done if you get any problem give us a yell.
  2. pcsxbox v22b22

    New version of pcsxbox Pcsxbox_v22b22.rar
  3. OgXBox Skin

    This is on a 42" 4k TV
  4. OgXBox Skin

  5. Xbox Version

    I checked it on mine, works fine Xbox_Version_Detector.rar

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