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  1. Hyperkin Hdmi Cable

    LOL, I just realized the original post is the same as the one on reddit.
  2. Hyperkin Hdmi Cable

    The Hyperkin HD cable doesn't have a micro usb port (at least mine doesn't), However the V2 version of the pound cable has them I heard. Also someone from pound mentioned that the capacitors can be getting old and may contribute to the interference in the XBox. it's in this thread. Replacing them supposedly helps. https://www.reddit.com/r/originalxbox/comments/9nupbc/my_experience_with_the_hyperkin_hdmi_cable/
  3. Is there a way to exit a game without rebooting the system to return to the dashboard? Thanks
  4. Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison

    Needed to decrease the size of g by 1 gig, write it then go back and increase by 1 gig and write it. Now both partitions are (F and G) are showing the correct sizes.
  5. Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison

    I ended up installing a 2 terabyte sata drive, I formatted extended partition 6 and 7 to 927 gb a piece with 64 kb clusters as I thought I'm supposed to keep them under 1 terabyte. However the G drive ends up reporting 0 free space on the dashboard? Obviously I'm doing something wrong? Thanks
  6. Ide To Sata Adapter Comparison

    Can you use a larger drive then 2TB with the Xbox? Just wondering if I should get a 3 or 4 tb drive so I don't have to worry about it again.
  7. Hyperkin Hdmi Cable

    I went with the Hyperkin cable over the Pound, (before I found this post), It's still more playable then my AV cable in the big flatscreen, but I do notice some weird diagonal almost diamond shape pattern in the background. It's fairly subtle (is this the same thing your seeing?), can mostly ignore it while playing and I can't be sure if it's not the cheap flatscreen I've got it hooked up to. The original component cables are getting fairly expensive I heard.
  8. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

  9. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    I've already installed using HeXEn 2017, Do I just re-install with HeXEn 2018? Should I reflash my bios with the newer version?
  10. Can I Hardmod Softmoded Xbox ?

    I'd suggest watching this youtube video from slot one gamer . It explains how to check what version xbox you have and what TSOP type you have as well. I'd suggest using conductive paint that psnap777 suggested in another post for v1.4 version motherboards (should work with v1.2-v1.5 as they have similar layouts I think, watch the video to be sure). instead of soldering the bridge points. I did and it was easy.(I'm not so skilled at soldering tiny pads) Make sure you identify the TSOP type before flashing.
  11. Conductive Paint Tsop Method

    This technique worked like a charm, I tried soldering to bridge the pads twice with no luck, used this stuff putting on with toothpick and bingo, I'm up and running with a nicely flashed tsop. Thanks again!
  12. Conductive Paint Tsop Method

    I'm going to try this. trying to bridge those small pads! With my eye's and solder skill (lack) it's been a challenge. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Hi, I've owned a couple of OG Xbox's, one was a Friendtech Modded one with all the bell's and whistles, the other was a stock Xbox that I eventually soft modded. Unfortunately my Friendtech Xbox was stolen during a house burglary by some near do well nefarious SOB's, but they left my Soft Modded Xbox for some reason. Recently after watching some youtube videos explaining tsop flashing I decided to give it a go. I identified my XBOX as a V1.4 with a winbond tsop. I removed the battery capacitor as suggested but am still struggling bridging my R7D1 and R7D10, I thought I had it but the flashing failed. (The damn things are so tiny!). Anyways I'm going to have another go with the soldering iron, maybe try using a bit of wire to bridge the pads. Anyways, thanks for having me

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