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  1. Mayflash XP Joybox (XBoX To Ps2 Adapter)

    I do not know if it has to be this specific unit, But, I have seen cheap Chinese variants on aliexpress for around $6 + shipping.
  2. Managing Cooling

    So I have put in an 80mm fan, did my best to shroud it to the hard drive caddy for best static pressure, and have redone the thermal paste with Arctic MX-4. But, I am still seeing around 60c temps just sitting at the dashboard while doing FTP transfers. What are normal idle and load temps for an OG? And how can I help the cooling even more? I don't know how hot it should run but, I know if it were a PC I would want CPU temps below 50 at load. That may be unrealistic in the situation of the Xbox because I build "higher" performance PCs. Edit: I have connected the fan via molex to in theory have it running max. Before this fan, I used a 3pin but changing it to anything higher that 2x in system settings it would stop spinning.
  3. Hello, I'm Modding Again

    I was not aware XBMC can take care of the clock, this interests me. However due to it not having a permanent spot its not always plugged into my network. I have been thinking about a wireless solution but have not looked hard enough to find one I like.
  4. Hello, I'm Modding Again

    I'll get on that then. I just figured possibly replace because things like letting the clock be wrong bugs me way more than it should and it wont have a permanent plugged in home for some time (in small apartment looking for a house). It hasn't leaked yet as far as I can tell. I made sure it turned on then immediately ripped it open and checked all the caps for leaks/bulges/pops/smell. It's a 1.4 and seemed hardly ever used. I got it from an estate sale so I'm assuming it was at some grandparents for when the grand kids were there. Even had a copy of Mercenaries in it.
  5. Hello, I'm Modding Again

    Thanks, LEDs are cheap figured id give it a shot. Yeah EQ takes alot, I don't even want to see my characters online time because its probably close to 2 years. I didn't realize that. I just grabbed it from another system as the Thompson that was in it was being problematic. I have already realized the flashed bios importance, I started with just a softmod and dealing with locking/unlocking of the drive was annoying let alone worrying about issues if the drive failed. I have not done the clock cap yet because I think i want to replace it rather than remove, I just haven't researched enough to be sure.
  6. Hey everyone, just recently got back into console modding after not touching a console in 10 years. Back then I primarily messed with 360's for my friends and anyone willing to pay me. Now I am more interested in building for myself to have "The Ultimate System". Excited about learning how the scene has developed over the years and finding this community. I assume like most here, I am a gamer. I can't seem to stop playing EverQuest 2 (13 years) and I play various shooters and single player "play through" games. In time I am sure I will have loads of questions and will look for feedback on ideas. Thus far I have 3 OG Xboxs and have TSOP'd one of them but havent really done much else. Glad to be here. Happy Modding!

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