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  1. I tried to use a hexen disc buy my console wont read it I use dvd+r
  2. Actually I just did my research and the jack is too small. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thank you but that does not exactly answer my question. I understand there is a jack but will a headset work with it?
  4. I have heard in order to upgrade your xbox original hard drive from the original to a 121gb or more you need a special bios. I am clueless on this topic any help would be appreciated. Also if you couldn't tell already my xbox is hardmodded. Any help would be appreciated!!
  5. I am interested in purchasing this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Original-Microsoft-Xbox-Box-Communicator-Adapter-Module-X08-01420/113442374564?epid=1701488603&hash=item1a69b143a4:g:8yYAAOSwgw9bL4Ke:rk:7:pf:0 I have one question though, will my steel series artis 3 work on halo 2? I have never owned one of these devices and I can not find any information regarding the topic. If anyone owns one of these I am just curious if you need a specific model of xbox headphones. I have multiple headsets but my artis is the best. Any response/help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  6. Wait so how does modding the console increase its life span? I know you can adjust fan speeds and temperature, but that can only do so much.
  7. Matta

    The Foxbox

    Wow I was way off, I am impressed. I have never heard of the method of filling plastic. You also pulled off a very clean and good looking finished product. But anyways what usb controller do you use?? I made my own mod for a controller that has an adapter for a usb so if you didn't do that I would recommend it. It required little knowledge on wires and took only 30 minutes.
  8. Matta

    The Foxbox

    I was thinking the same thing but my guess would be he used a 3d printer. I myself am not a huge fan of the slim console because it takes away features from the xbox, but I like the look. If I were you though I would add more usb ports and since your theme seems to be fox related I would add another case design to compliment the jewl.
  9. I am just curious what one of these is worth. I currently do not own one and just want to know what it is valued at. Thanks in advance. https://imgur.com/PXCsIOa
  10. Thanks and also I was wondering, I have an original xbox jewl I was planning on modifying (I removed paint and everything, not letters) and how would I go about chaning those letters to XMC. I am interested because I saw one being sold before and it looked really good with white and black.
  11. Those look very clean, good work.

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