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  1. I will be a bit getting all the tools maybe next week I will get at it
  2. I have tried using it and no luck. But I can just practise on my other xbox. In case you wondering what scares me about soildering is my first xbox I tried to chip myself i fried the motherboard. I can practice on that board
  3. Ok I got the capicitor out with no problems by wiggling it and tested the console and it works. But I did some reasearch and apparently I will have to "sharp tsop"
  4. the pic was of my mother board do i need to de soilder that too?
  5. I have no soildering experience. How hard would it be to remove the chip then tsop it?
  6. I already have a hexen disc and it is a nitro xx chip. It was the previous version of the smart xx. It is rare I presume. Also I put a picture of my mod chip from a while back. I am sorry I didnt mean flash.
  7. I get that warning screen and also how to I get to the replacement dashboards page?
  8. I was using XBPartitioner 1.3 and its a 1.0 I think.
  9. Hey I know this a dead thread but I actually did end up with these from an xbox purchase through ebay. I am willing to help make it open source.
  10. it is executer 2 also I dont have a g drive only f
  11. Hey I was here about 8 months ago when I first got my modded flash xx chipped xbox. I installed a 500gb Hdd and it shows it as only 120gb any response would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. So I found out what is was a bit ago. I took it apart and found a flashxx or something like that (it has been a bit and I am not home). It doesnt have a bios select. I still don’t know how to change the bios though. I do have poctures though.
  13. I tried to use a hexen disc buy my console wont read it I use dvd+r

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