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  1. Open Source Modchip

    OXC-20180729T022232Z-001.zip heres all the board designs
  2. Open Source Modchip

    Ive been working on an open source legal modchip project, here's a pic of my first one. Yes the soldering is rough (thats being nice) but its basically an Aladdin open source clone with XBlast
  3. OXC Eeprom Read N Writr

    Yes it really works.
  4. Questions and Other Stuff

    well coin ops does look horrible
  5. Questions and Other Stuff

    you dont
  6. OXC Eeprom Read N Writr

    No built and tested, just dumping everything. Kaos will be recieving all of my left over boards.
  7. OXC Eeprom Read N Writr

  8. I have a board I wanted to get out there in the scene but right now I’m getting out of the Xbox scene so I’m just dumping all my board deigns - OXControllr is a baord that slips into the controller port and gives you full usb and a power button if you have done the power button mod OXControllr v2.zip 31BDF9E9-7C05-471B-AC92-47031FF3A7F3.MOV
  9. Lpc Rebuild Board

    I have a LPC Rebuild Board called the OXC LPCorrectr. I have included the files needed to have it made and it’s completely open sourced. .6 thick OXC_LPCorrector_v2.zip
  10. Hello :)

    I have a new LPC Rebuild board I’ve been playing with
  11. Hello :)

    Just wanted to say Hi. I know ive chatted with some people and some people i expect ill chat with down the line.

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