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    • By FerociousOG
      Any suggestions for a Rev 1.0 replacement CPU fan or larger heat sink replacement?
    • By collinlg9
      So with what I have heard, is it true that the only difference between the Xbox's CPU and an off-the-shelf Pentium III the fact that the cache is cut down to 128kb? If so, is it actually at all possible in any way to connect up a Xbox cpu to a pc of that era and see it work? Yes, I am aware of the fact that you would have to desolder the CPU.
    • By chrisrlink
      hi so I did the following steps so far
      1)softmodded my 1.0 via SC PH
      2) I used rocky5's tools to null the eeprom then extract the nulled eeprom backup to my gdrive
      ok so now I have a sata hdd (Seagate 500GB) and a kingwin SATAtoIDE board knowing that it doesn't have a master/slave switch by best option is to use xboxhdm i have a question first is there a way to burn the iso to usb boot instead of by cd?
      and i want hdm2.0 that supports sata drives correct?
      thanks for your help

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