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Hello Everyone

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I recently pick my first Xbox. When I was younger I kind stopped playing games and the PS1 was the last system I owned till the 360 came out then I got back into gaming. I completely missed out on the Xbox and all the great games it has. I have picked up about 30 games so far. I’m excited to join here and looking to grow my collection of games.  

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      Hello to everyone on the forums.  Still somewhat new to the Xbox modding scene as I only started modding my consoles two years ago but I looking forwarding to learning more about modding the OG Xbox.
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      Hello from Brazil
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      Found this beauty of a xbox site trough Google. 
      was searching for updates on HeXEn, and found this site. 
      I have 4 or 5 classic xboxes that I want to give a second chance.
      they are there for 2 years now, the crystal from day one it came out. I restore them clean them 
      install chips, and then the dashboards and coins systems. Hope to learn a thing or 2 here! 

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