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    • By RetroEmulationNation
      Hello everyone,
      I just bought my very first Xbox console ever a month ago. Yup, 20 years too late to the party.
      Never owned a 360 or Xbox One either, although I just ordered a refurbished 360 Slim two days ago.
      Have otherwise been a PlayStation fanboy all this while, although my primary console of choice these days is the Sega Saturn.
      Anyway, greetings from Malaysia!
      Are there other Malaysian members here?
    • By GamerID80
      Hi all, just wanted to start a thread regarding my Crystal Xbox Original as its modded with Evox chip and only loads the Evox boot when the chip is enabled and I also press the LED pins with my finger (very odd, no?) I've included an image to show what I mean. The chipped Evox works in this case but wondered if there's anmything I should do?
      I'm also considering selling it once working. Thanks and cheers for the advice.
      GamerID80 - Also on the Facebook group.
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    • By thebigjoe1@gmail.com
      i just recently resurrected my old modded xbox. I upgraded the HDD and used Hexen to set everything up. Everything seems to work great except that any changes from the dash in UnleashX will not save. Once rebooted, everything reverts. However if i FTP into it, and make changes from the config.xml file, those take. I would rather not have to do it that way. Any suggestions on what i can do?

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