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    • By Soufian Elamriti
      i was going to do this mod 
      usinng a rca pannel connector ,but what type of gauge cable do i need from the mother to the rca connector 
    • By mattison1986
      So I just installed a Aladdin xt chip today and powered on, no audio or video. Light on chip is on and light on eject button starts green and goes to green/red flashing. I cleaned it with alcohol and still nothing. Anyone know what the issue could be.

    • By ludvig82
      I am getting all xbox games, except all the sports games like fifa and so on. But my "collecting" stops at 99,9%, it has been for a long time. Wondering of just ending it, but do i miss something good then? I havent played the games that i missing, so can someone enlighten me.
      Missing games (not complete that is):
      - Silent Scope
      - Terminator 3
      - Samurai Warriors
      - Wrestlemania 21
      - Tak 2 - Staff of Dreams
      - The Suffering, Ties that Bind
      Worth waiting for any of these?

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