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    • By N64 freak
      Open Xenium Modchip: 20€
      The same Open Xenium everyone has to offer. SPI2PAR is needed to connect an LCD to it.

      XBlast Lite V1 modchip: 20€
      The XBlast lite is superior to the Open Xenium. It offers Ram checking, direct LCD support and many more features.
      It's the latest new modchip that has been developed and offers the native XBLast OS.

      Xerc CME: 15€
      Xerc2: 10€
      The Xerc2 and Xerc CME are IR-mods to turn the console ON/Off using an ir remote.

      DIY HDMI mod set: 70€
      I have a few HDMI mod sets left. For now only rev1.2-1.4 install sets are avaylable.

      128MB upgraded rev 1.4 motherboard: 60€

      Xbox Alpha Development kit soundcard: 25€
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    • By Rochdaleguy
      Hi all.
      Came across my old original modded Xbox in loft the other day and had a play and realised I’d missed it.
      Decided to get back into the scene and do some updates on it. Increase hard drive from 160gb to 2tb and a few other bits and pieces..
      i have the old Aladdin Advanced mod chip which boots to evox on long power press and stock on short. Now as Xbox live is no longer a thing on original Xbox, I’ve no further need to keep booting to stock as default.
      Whats the best way to alter it to have it boot with the chip active all the time? Or is there still a benefit to dual boot? If so can I switch the long and short presses around?
      Been a long long time since I messed with these things.
      All help appreciated.
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    • By donnydarko
      This machine boots and runs. I've been trying to find a wiring diagram to find out where this gray wire is supposed to be. I'm not 100% but I believe this is an old 2 piece execute chip. Any help would be appreciated 
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