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    • By Phil Karza
      My wife says I have an addiction. I have too many and I will only keep TWO.  I have many working xboxes - all tsop flashed and most with upgraded IDE drives / cables.
      Not going to ask for a fortune.  My hobby was mostly fixing and flashing all of these.   I haven't touched many for a long time - but they work. I have extra cases, power supplies, controllers, games... LOTS.
      I'm in Canada and would like to sell to Canada but would sell to the US.  I will only charge for the shipping and about $5 extra to cover the cost of boxing them up safely.  Email me at pkarza@gmail.com - I live in central Canada (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan) and yes... that is real.  Just north of North Dakota.  Send me an email and what you are looking for. 
      It has been a hobby.... time to move on - but I am probably going to always fix these!!
    • By Hexy435XB936
      I was able to softmod 1 of my 2 Xboxes using a purchased game save, with the necessary files.
      I ordered an aladin plus 2 chip and will attempt to install to my other.   Is there a process I need to do to clean the motherboard prior soldering?
    • By KenMoe
      In search of a full 2mb flash memory dump from an xenium.

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