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    • By US-Solidsnake8997
      I am reposting this topic again because i think the topic was pulled down.  I asked a question?, To all the owners, modder's, collector's whatever, whoever.  The God knowledge CPU upgraders...ETC
      Why is the Power supply upgrade neglected?  Come on guys make your system better than ever,   the ultimate original xbox
      Power Is the single most vital none motherboard component in you hybrid pc game console that can be improved really easy if you wanted to.  Give your system a larger deeper well of wattage to draw water from, so your system will run more efficiently then ever before because not a single watt asked for is not given to it immediately with ease of operation. 
      Have your fan's run faster and at full speed effortlessly,  Open the possibility for other hardware mods or definitely other cooling mods.  Power is important,
      not to big ...'
      not to small
      but just the right oversized power supply,   
        Bigger than the manufacturer's  But not too big.  Any flex atx will do with modification.  Or heavy modification depending on what your skill set is and what equipment you have to work with.  Message me with questions and i will give you my email.. Console power supplies suck.    Power was limited by the space in witch the power supply had to go into at the time of current technology of consoles.  Consoles are computer's dummed down.  Anyway point being always and i mean always upgrade the consoles power supply first then the rest of the crap.
        Cpu upgrade, ram upgrade, mod chip upgrade,  lights upgrade, cooling upgrade.  Blah Blah Blah, 
      What do all of these mods have in common?
      More Power consumption of the system.  They are all almost worthless without the larger wattage well to draw from...  Upgrade your power supplies to these amazing modded consoles. 
      Compliment your ram upgrade, cpu, upgrade, mod chip upgrade, lights upgrade, etc with a better atx power supply.  Any flex atx will do see my photos on mine. Also i am selling on ebay 4 fat model ps2's custom painted with a double size power supply riged in it.  It runs better than ever.  Despite maximum wattage use.  That is based on an inadequate power supply that is small enough to fit in a compact space.  Now uh days we have 1U server power supplies that deliver up to 1000 watts, Flex atx, standard 1u flex atx, tfx, sfx...ETC U name it... it exist now... Compact power punching power supplies.  It just takes a little creativity and a little desire to upgrade.  Remember the xbox uses a 3.3 standby mode.  So you have to mod you small power supply to do this.  Easy money,  just get a step down transformer tiny logic board.  Convert 5 volt volt stand by VSB to 3.3 VSB.  USING A BUCK CONVERTER.   
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    • By Dart2623
      I have noticed that my XBMC4GAMERS version hasnt updated for a while. I thought not much of it.
      Then i decided to try and download some homebrews and DLCs for some games i have. Whenever i chose something (mods,updates,emulators) it just shows 3 points moving, as if it were connecting or something, but nothing happens.
      I tried updating my Downloader, samething, no download or progress. I remember this used to work a few months ago. Is the service still up or is there something wrong with my xbox?
      My xbmc4gamers version is 1.2.122
      I wish i could give you the version of my downloader but seems it cant be display. It reads "URLDownloader Version:" As if the numbers didnt fit in the screen even after changing the display settings.
      Thank you for any answer and to Rocky5, i know you read this all the time but thank you for creating this and keeping our consoles alive.
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    • By US-Solidsnake8997
      Are the xbox daughter boards for usb universal or not?  Version 1.0

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