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    • By Acidmank
      Hey all.  i hope you can help.
      My 'Project Xbox'  (V1.4) which i generally tinker with has an Aladdin X2 running IND bios.
      All my other Xbox's are either soft modded or have Xceuter 2 installed.
      I've never tsop'd a console and was thinking that i should give it a go and move the Aladdin X2 off too one of my 1.6's that has been soft modded.
      Can i boot to dash, pull the chip and then flash the tsop?   Assume i have already bridged the 1.4 mobo ready for a tsop flash?
      ( This box, like all my others has a failed DVD that doesn't read discs. so need to do all this from the xbox itself)
      And...  what software should i flash with?
      Thanks heaps
    • By eduardov94
      I’m looking for a halo green pro switch 
    • By seizure507
      its a long shot
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