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Found 4 results

  1. My Xbox is running a 160 GB IDE from 2007 or something. I needed to ask this about 3 years ago, I used Crunchbite's (on Homebrew Discord) 8 GB Etcher image to prepare the new drive then iirc I used the XBox Formatter to make the partitions (which automatically set the cluster size to 16 KB) then I copied all the C:\ drive content from the original 8 GB HDD via FatXPlorer and also transferred some games and homebrew. And at that time when I was using the stock HDD my Xbox was giving me constant 10-11 mb/s on my diy crossover cable connection to my laptop. After I put that new HDD in I didn't notice that right away but the max transfer speeds I get are around 3-7 mb/s on the same crossover ethernet cable. Is it related to the cluster size or is the HDD just bad or on it last legs?
  2. As part of a new build/upgrade I am doing on one of my OG's I have recently bought a 6tb HDD. This is great for having lots of space for games, emulators etc etc etc.... However due to the cluster sizes need on these large drives (the bigger the drive, the bigger cluster size needed) you can end up with a LOT of wasted space! The drive was formatted using FatXplorer and the auto suggested cluster size for the 6tb drive. I foramatted with F&G partitions (old habits die hard lol) and they both had approx 2.7TB of space on each, lovely I have F with the entire NTSC set along with all PAL/Jap exclusives all as CCI minus the incompatible few, they are extracted folders instead. Also have a folder for translated games and another for modded games. These are all xiso apart few a few that would not load as xiso. This is all good and I do not have much wasted space on this partition due to ISO/CCi being larger files. The issue comes with my G partition. I am using this for Emulators and Apps. So far I have a couple of Coinops sets plus a Ninja set on there along with a huge PS1 set. Below are the figures that windows properties displays for file size and actual size taken on disk.... Filesize first followed by size on disk. Coinops 6 Adult - 1.79gb - 3.10gb - diff 1.31gb Coinops 8 Adult - 4.25gb - 5.72gb - diff 1.47gb PCSX-Xtras 1450 gamepack - 392gb - 394gb - diff 2gb Emustation - 358gb - 411gb - diff 53gb!!! DosBOX Ultimate v9 - 94.2gb - 114gb - diff 19.8gb Ninja - 250gb - 269gb - diff 19gb Total wasted space = 96.58gb!!!!! Before anyone says it, I know that there's a lot of duplicate roms etc between those sets.. As I had the space on my HDD I thought I'd add them all and see which ones I want to keep after testing So for obvious reasons the Playstation set does not waste that much space, the PS1 isos are bigger than the cluster size. But on the other sets where there are LOTS of tiny files there is much more wasted space. The recommended cluster sizes as i understand it are as follow... EDIT - These are PARTITION sizes. 1-2TB - 128kb 2-4TB - 256kb 4-8TB - 512kb 8-16TB - 1024kb This means the bigger the HDD the more wasted space will occur when installing emulators/games with lots of smaller files. My 6tb uses 512kb. SO every file that is less than 512kb in size will always take 512kb on the disk. EDIT - Although my drive is 6tb my F&G are 2.7tb each so are using 256kb clusters. Now I understand why this happens and I know there is nothing that can be done about it. I just thought I would post this as it was interesting to me how much space was actually being wasted, its a shame we cant format different partitions with differing cluster sizes (or can we???) as that would help keep space wasted down to minimum. EDIT - Added the latest C64 EmuXtras set v3.0 - Filesize 32.3gb - Size on disk - 44.9gb - diff 12.6gb
  3. I seem to have a lot of issues with my data files on my G partition. Any emulators, games, media, etc., on the F partition work flawlessly. I can copy the same files over to my G partition and it is very hit and miss on whether things will function properly. There are also times when I can have everything working on G, then copy over some files (FTP or FATxplorer) and suddenly, things go wonky even with files that I never touched. My HDD is a Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB. So my G partition is quite large (803GB). My F partition is only 120GB. I used AID to prepare/format the drive. My BIOS is the EVOX m8+ CEE FG w/no DVD off the OGXBOX installer 1.5.3 disc. Is it possible that I am using a BIOS that doesn't handle that large G partition very well? Should I be using a different BIOS perhaps? It is very frustrating to work on making a HDD and getting the xbox all set up and then suddenly my files are corrupt for no apparently reason when they work just fine on F. Any insight here is greatly appreciated.
  4. Just TSOP flashed my v1.0 Xbox with X2 5035 because why not take advantage of it since it's a v1.0?. I was wondering does this Bios support drives up to 2TB?

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