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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have learnt a lot from these forums over time, and come here often, but this is my first time posting and i would be really greatful for your help as i cant find a solution on google or these forums. My xbox freezes / crashes on the screen after playing any game for about 10 minutes or so, the screen just completely freezes and sound just makes a constant buzzing sound until you power it off again, then if you turn it back on it will do the exact same again , be ok for 10 mins or so then freeze again. Xbox is a 1.1 with tsop flashed to latest cerbios, and 128mb ram with clock cap removed. So far i have tried, replacing the 5 caps near the cpu with alu polymer caps, cleaning the entire board with 99.9% ipa and leaving to dry, replacing the thermal paste, reflowing ram solder joints, 2 different power supplys, and 3 different hard drives some with file versions of games and some with cci image versions of the games and still same result each time when testing. Any help would be really appreciated from the experts that are on here as my head is well and truly baffled with it lol, i have never had an issue with the xbox till it just randomly did this recently. Thankyou in advance for any help or advice
  2. Having lots of trouble getting my xbox updated. Its a 1.0, I modded with an xecuter2 back in the day and the switched to a softmod at some point. The xecuter still works but is running an unknown bios (it looks like I compiled it myself) and its booting evox 3935 off of the root of E:. Hard drive is an 80gb maxtor ide that doesn't have any apparent issues. I updated whatever softmod I was running to Rocky5's and installed XBMC4Gamers from the extras disk to E:/XBMC4Gamers/. I also tried the pre-built build of github in E:Applications. Both crash the same way with the same error running off the modchip and softmod: xbmc.log: https://pastebin.com/Tx41wxwk It loads the splash and immediately crashes. It loads the same way when holding White+Y Everything else (games, apps, emulators and homebrew) seems to be working just fine. I cleared the cache, made new empty TDATA and UDATA. There are some really old builds of xbmc on it that run fine. I did my other 1.1 unchipped xbox yesterday with no issue. I'm stumped.
  3. I’ve been playing Fable TLC the last few days and ran into a very annoying problem. The game crashes when I move from Bowerstone quay and Bowerstone south. It gets stuck on the loadscreen. First time this happened was the day before yesterday after picking up the blue mushroom potion from the witch, lost about an hour of progress. It reminded me again that we’ve got a lot of QoL improvements over the years like regular autosave :D. Loaded an earlier save yesterday to try again, messed around for about an hour. Actually managed to get the potion successfully this time so thought everything was fine until I went back there for another quest and now I’m stuck in because my last save game and autosave are from Bowerstone quay and every time I move back to Bowerstone south the game gets stuck again on the same loading screen. Google didn’t show any known issues with this other then a few people running into other crashes that might be savegame related. I’m playing the game from HD. I could try running the game from disc, but I’m afraid I have to start from scratch again. Are there things I could try to recover like an old save file or hack the save file to get to an earlier stage?
  4. I downloaded Prince of Persia 2 from the massive google drive link on this site. It plays the intro but when it gets here it freezes, when I push any button. I tried to find another rom to see if this one was bad, but I don't see it listed anywhere online, when I look for a list of XBOX Homebrew games.. Has anyone here gotten this game to work? Thanks
  5. I wonder if anyone can help me with this. It seems the Xbox is crashing when accessing www.crusaders.no (which no longer exists). I've managed to turn off RSS feeds but it makes no difference. It's a real pain as I can't ftp into the xbox because it crashes before I can establish a connection. It works fine when ethernet is disconnected. Thanks for any help.

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