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  1. Hello,i know that i am boring with these questions but i dont know anything about og xbox softmodding.Anyways,i am trying to softmod xbox with ide to sata adapter.I tried different methods but it was just failure.Then i realized that my drive was locked.I tried 3 methods for hot swaping so far and none of those methods work.I have msi a320m-pro with amd athlon 240 ge.My xbox is 1.6 revision with 10gb segate drive ST310014ACE.I also tried using xboxhdm,burned the cd,puted it in the dvd drive,but when i went to type xbrowse it said cd couldnt be found.Xbox hdd shows in windows disk management as non initialized.
  2. Yea,that was the thing i saw.Can you give me more detailed steps on how to soft mod using this method since i am pretty new in this stuff.
  3. I saw that there is a script xboxHDM23usb that will allow to modify fatx drives with ide to sata adapter,but i dont know how to use that script
  4. Hello guys,i have a question. How can i softmod my xbox using a modern pc and ide to sata adapter?I tried with xplorer360 but every time it says could not find fatx drive.I hot swapped drive using two methods.I heard that you can softmod it with ide to sata adapter using xboxhdm23usb.Is that true,and if yes,how to do it?
  5. Hello!I am trying to softmod my original xbox.I tried to do it using this clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbSb7BFRQNo I did everything in the video correctly.So the problem is:I dont have ide ports on my motherboard so i tried using ide to sata adapter and when i plug it in my pc and turn it on,it shows in disk management as not initalized,but when i tried to use xplorer 360 it says could not find fatx drive.I tried with 2 hot swap techincs,setting compatibility to win xp sp3,running it as administrator,tried different programs.But nothing works.I dont have xbox friendly usb drive and i also dont have any game that has save game exploits.Sorry for bad english.

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