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  1. Nope, it was a stock console. with Off brand power cables (see through clear one) and the madcatz controller. He threw in a copy of Forza 1. ( i didn't order it) It was from Amazon though , not a local seller. I did get the games working though. It turns out it was indeed the file types. I just downloaded the correct ROM packs for my region i guess, and they all work, and start fine :). I'm going to try hard modding next. I'm 99% sure i have a 1.0 or 1.1 based on the numbers. I really hope i don't have the Sharp Tsop chip though.
  2. Yes. I noticed i simply couldn't use the thumbsticks to move around the dashboard because it was skipping 3 or 4 spots with a slight tap. The D-pad is the only option. Sigh. I payed 100 bucks for this xbox and the seller on amazon gives me this off brand trash with worn thumbstick rubber lol.
  3. My rom file types were SFC. Definitely not the American SMC. I'll try to see if the correct Roms work tomorrow.
  4. Hi, I've managed to do all of the steps to install the unleashedx softmod via usb and splinter cell, the ftp settings, placing the snes9x X folder in the correct location, and getting the emulator to show up on the console. All i had left to do is simply hit the A button on any one one of the Roms to start them up, and yet nothing happens when i do that? The A button works fine for literally everything else except starting the Roms. I'm hoping it's because i have an off brand madcatz controller, and not an original xbox controller. Or maybe it's something more simple than that? Corrupted Roms maybe?

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