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  1. Thanks for your replys Yes I did the SID installer route using splinter cell many many moons ago I tried setting the clock in unleashx and in the ms dash but once unleashx loads the clocks goes back I could disassemble the code in unleashx and patch it myself but not knowing where to look in all that code might take some time Is there another version of unleashx that doesnt have this clock check funtion ? Thanks -------------- edit --------------- just been looking into xbe file structure on wiki and I got a headache already, ive never messed around with xbox
  2. Just joined great forum guys, full of useful information Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I've just joined. Great forum I have an original xbox softmodded with unleashx I have found an issue when setting the clock to year 2020, after a reboot the clock goes back to 2006. Setting the clock to year 2019 works correctly Im guessing the problem is some form of bug with the 2 digit year value in the RTC Do you guys know if anyone has worked on a patch for this ? Thanks

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