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  1. I'm actually glad to hear that it might be something other than memory incompatibility. I've ordered a 300 watt ATX power supply, along with N64 Freak's ATX->Xbox adapter. I've also ordered replacement for all the radial caps on the board (Panasonic). Hopefully I won't have to replace the SMD capacitors as well, since there's a million of them on the board, but If all of this doesn't work, I'll wait for the oscilloscope to check pretty much everything on the board. For now, I'm just waiting for the replacement caps, M-variant memories, oscilloscope, power supply and ATX-adapters... All of these would've already bought me a working DreamX back in the day, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having fun with this...
  2. I already did this, twice. First I soldered all 8 F-chips. Then I removed the 4 extra, with an SMD rework station, and later on replaced the remaining 4 F-chips. All soldered chips were fresh ones, ordered from Utsource. I still got about 40 chips left, because I was going to use these for other projects as well. I tested the board after each chip installation, with absolutely no change. For now, I'm going to order and replace all capacitors on the board. After this changes nothing (strong hunch), I'm going to order and replace the memory chips with M-variants. I'm really feeling like either the F-chips are not a compatible replacement for the original M-chips, or the board is broken in some other way. I'll update this thread with any new results.
  3. - Typically it already crashes in XBlast, which shouldn't be using any OC frequencies, and reports stock CPU speed. - Thermal paste has been changed, and fan modifications have been made to the case. typical CPU & MOBO temp was 57C after 4h of gametime, for the last working 128MB configuration with OC. I have not checked the capacitors, nor the PSU 5V line voltage. I can do both of these once my new multimeter/oscilloscope arrives. Are faulty capacitors or wrong voltage typically a cause for this issue? ...I'm this close to ordering new M-variant memory chips from Utsource, should I? Or should the F-chips verifiably work?
  4. Hi everyone, I recently did a 128MB mod on an Xbox 1.1, which was successful. Console booted nice, and ran for hours while gaming, even with a small NV & FSB overclock. I decided I didn't hate myself enough, and decided to go even further and replace all the K4D263238M-QC50 on the board, with the Samsung K4D263238F-QC50-variant, which is said to be tad bit more efficient. Thought this might allow for even more OC (never enough, right?), but now I've run into issues after replacing all the memory chips on the board: The console boots, but only runs for 5-30 seconds, before the screen starts to glitch heavily, with the system freezing as well. If rebooted after a glitch, without a small pause, the system will not boot, and will flash a green light. I've tried to do the following: - Reflow all 8 memory chips 4 times in total. No improvement. - Removed the extra 64MB memory, retaining only the original 64MB, just with the new F-variant memory chips. No improvement. - Replace the remaining 4 memory chips with another, fresh, F-variant memory chips. No improvement. Each time I complete a step, the end result is exactly the same: XBlast runs for the same 5-30 seconds, before glitching and freezing. I can run the memory test for the extra 64MB (when I had it installed), which always completes successfully, if I manage to run it completely before the system starts to glitch. If I connect a HDD, I can even boot iND bios with UnleashX, and everything works and shows correctly, before the system glitches and freezes. Always the same screen glitch effect, before freezing. The Xbox is modded with an Aladdin XT+, with the XBlast enchanced 49LF080A-chip. I can solder, remove or reflow the chips with confidence, with clear and clean solder jobs. I can share pictures, if required, but I'm pretty sure at this point that the solder job is not to blame. Have I nicked some important component somewhere with my solder iron? Are the F-variant memory chips simply incompatible with the 1.1 board? Anyone got any leads?

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