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  1. Thanks guys, I'm going to give it a go with the switch! It's a Thomson, you can see why I'm worried!
  2. Quick question I am finding difficult to search online. Like most, I mainly play games directly from the hard drive, but do occasionally like to play my games on disc. I am wondering if there is an application out there that gives you the option of disabling the dvd drive on startup? I want to keep my dvd drive alive for as long as possible, and I cringe everytime I boot the Xbox and the laser searches for a disc that isn't there. It seems I am just degrading the lifetime of the drive that way. If I can disable the drive when I am not using it, I bet I would be able to squeeze more life out of it. Thanks!
  3. Greetings! Lots of helpful people around here, a must if you plan on modding an xbox.
  4. Thanks guys, you've been extremely helpful!
  5. Greetings again! Running XeniumOS 2.3.1, but it turns out no bios are present. I've done some research, but the information is scattered from over 15 years and there are a lot of different opinions on the matter. What are the present day recommended bios for open xenium running xenium 2.3.1? Are there any bios/dashboard packages or bundles available? Thanks!
  6. Well, the problem is solved, here's an update: I went ahead and removed the modchip from LPC....and controllers started working when booting into stock! So I thought 'ah, must be something with the modchip'. Decided to reattach the modchip to see if I could replicate the controller problem and....controllers worked. So I reassembled my Xbox, and now everything seems to be working. Still not sure what the issue was; modchip not seated correctly? A loose connection that was fixed by reassembly? In any case, thanks for the replies everyone, it looks like this is a rocky start for my first xbox project!
  7. Yes, triple-checked those. That was the first thing I checked actually, because I was sure that was the issue. They are pretty secure though, and I used the front panel wire harness as a guide, (since that seems to be working fine). The wires in the harness also look secure and should be making connection. Just an update: I did try swapping ports 1&2 with ports 3&4, but no dice. Also the traces look very good; no irregularities like the ones shown in the above photo. Troubleshooting will be difficult going forward. For instance maybe both ports are busted, or the controllers I have just aren't working anymore (which seems unlikely given that they were all working before I stripped down the console). I would hate to have to buy a verified working controller or port though My next move might be to detach the OpenXenium chip from the LPC to see what happens if I boot stock. Otherwise, I'm all out of ideas. If anyone has any more suggestions I'm all ears! EDIT: I will also post several photos tonight after I get home from work in case anyone notices something from the images.
  8. I have 2 OEM controllers and 2 after market controllers (Mad Katz). All four of them were working fine before I stripped down the console though (that's why I was stunned when none of them were working after the mod). I even tried each controller in each port on the XeniumOS menu screen and still never got a response.
  9. Thanks guys; I'll give these suggestions a try tonight and report back. The traces looked okay to me, but (admittedly) I did not look at them too closely. (I might end up posting a photo of the traces if the port-swap doesn't work).
  10. Greetings! I am very new to the OG XBOX (both the console and the forums). I have a 1.4v xbox that I have dusted off recently to install Open Xenium chip. The console was a bit dirty, so I gave it a good cleaning, removed the clock capacitor (which had just started to leak), replaced the fan with a Nexus, and installed the new open Xenium chip. The system seems to be running great and immediately boots into the Xenium OS screen when powered on. The problem: no controller inputs are recognized in any of the controller ports (I've tried with four different working controllers). So basically I boot to Xenium OS, but cannot select any of the menu options. (I should also mention that before the Xenium install, everything had been working fine). Now, when this first happened, naturally my thought was that I had not properly reconnected the ports back to the motherboard, but upon checking they seemed to be well connected (I cleaned the ports and reconnected for good measure). I have looked at the traces on the motherboard and they seem fine. I imagine the chip install went okay since I can boot into Xenium OS(?) Port have been cleaned thoroughly. The only thing I have not tried is swapping the 1&2 ports with the 3&4 ports (in case there is a problem with port #1, and Xenium OS will only recognize input from Port #1???) Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? It seems odd that none of the 4 controller ports are working, and all I am left with is an idle Xenium OS screen on my system. Could it be a single bad solder joint on the Xenium chip?Could it be that Port #1 is busted? Thanks for the help!

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