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  1. to get all my hdd space and boot without dvd. just flashed with IND BIOS 5004 and got all that Thanks
  2. Hi thanks for the reply. I can see the F: drive fine, Hexen shows it fine, UnleashX show as 123 (or about) size. Your questions: What main dash? UnleashX What size HDD are we talking about? 320 GB IDE Xbox MB version ie. i think 1.3 (manufactured in 2003) Have you used XBpartitioner v1.3 , yes, funny enough i do not see F: there. However i am using it fine. If using an UnleashX dash is F:\ enabled in the system settings? -> Have to check that option, but it shows F: in the main title screen. "unless you're desperate to customize your boot." Disable DVD detect would be great
  3. I have this chip on my xbox, works great. However i am unable to "see" all the space on my HDD (F Drive) What bios should i install on it ? And please someone guide me on the procedure? Thanks

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