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  1. It’s a winbond chip.
  2. Will try when I get home from work later. Thanks for the information.
  3. Tried but the dvd drive isn’t reading anything...
  4. Where I am from not many people bought the original Xbox. My country is a PlayStation country sad to say. So the only cables I got with the Xbox are the ones that connect to the coaxial port on the tv. It really expensive right now to get high quality cables due to the pandemic raising prices of everything especially imports of minor electronic items. But hopefully I will get a hdmi adapter for internal by MakeHRz (hope I spelled that correctly) so I can use an hdmi output. Still love to mod though although it’s getting harder with the shit that’s going on in my country. Thanks for the information...
  5. No it wasn’t. I softmodded then TSOP’d. The dvd drive stopped reading discs and I was told to use the aforementioned bios to fix it but it just boots to blue Xbox logo without any flabbergasted animation and pops to a blank screen. Sorry for the late reply. Covid-19 hit my family last week so I have been busy.
  6. Raincoat after someone suggested it because I want to slim the Xbox. First time and I have failed. Will Open Xenium chips work? I can’t seem to find the original one. I am from the Caribbean so the conversion rate is high. 8TT to 1US It’s a solid orange.
  7. It was from the raincoat files. I used it after a person suggested that I use it.
  8. Greetings! I used the evox_m8+67-NO-DVD.bin bios to flash my xbox and now when I boot there's a blank screen and the dvd drive light is orange. What to do to fix that? I have a version 1.0 xbox. Thank for any assistance.
  9. Happy Carnival guys and gals! I am sending greetings from the land of Carnival! Been looking for a site such as this because of my love of the Xbox and I want to prolong my Xbox by modding it and I think this is the site for me! Cheers and don’t forget to drink some beers!

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