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  1. I think I am typing this for my own benefit at this stage! Anyway, turns out the dude sent me a 1.6 PSU - so lucky eh? Anyway - next question - can I convert the pin out from a 1.6 to a 1.3? Dont all rush at once
  2. SO I got myself a 110 Delta PSU for ebay and then swapped them over. Simple enough. However, although a: It didnt explode and b: the Xecuter modchip lit up blue! yay! the unit will not power on and is unresponsive the to the power button. Surprisingly the caps all look ok too - any ideas folks?
  3. Hi, my precious modded Xbox is a UK device and I have been working on the basis that the PSU is 220v only and will need to be replaced with a 110v supply. Can anyone confirm that this is the case - if it can handle multi voltage then that would be a great surprise. Obviously if I need to replace the PSU thats fine - would anyone have any tips / pitfalls I need to be aware of?? Cheers

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