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  1. oooh, hes popped up like magic Hello Rocky5, Like i said love your work. But ended up wasting 7 hours yesterday tryi]ng to get it to work. Managed today in an hour, using unleashX. Not a critism BTW, I just found it easier today. Maybe I'll go back and have another try sometime. As far as i know I dropped a rom in my emulators and still no joy? But after so many hours buggering around my swede was completely mashed, so who knows what i was doing in the end
  2. KaosEngineer Thanks for your comprehensive explanations, i have to admit I speed read thru some of it, as its kinda gobbledegook to me at the mo. Im confused .com why i couldnt get anything to work on emustation?? I mean I am really impressed with what rocky 5 has done with the softmod tool, and the extras discs, it all works so well. but Xbmc emustation, very difficult to use. I also thought seeing how well he's built other stuff and made it so easy, that downloader would have worked better? In as much as 1. if you use downloader for say getting an emulator, when it is transferring the files or upon completion, it doesnt tell you where its put them. 2. as the other stuff works so well, i thought i could just select a download, it would put it in the right place and install it so that its ready to use. Going to have a look at the ogxbox installer mikey mentioned. . T
  3. quick update, not had chance to read your replies yet.] gave up last night and resorted to carlsberg exp]ort and watching fri night dinner. did a factory reset this morn, soft mod, then used unleash x. then manually added emulators and roms via ftp. now all good, emulators in unleash X and games. Couldnt get anything to work using emustation so some progress. will have a catch up read l8r ta paul
  4. I feel like giving up!!!! ive spent about 5 hours now trying to get xmbc emustation working. I cannot no matter what ive tried , managed to install a single emulator, or rom. This is so confusing and not at all straight forward. Ive watched rocky 5s vid tutorial and was non the wiser after it also watched this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIuPtGOOF6w Im just going round and round in circles. Ive tried several different paths/locations for the emulator folders and also the rom folders/files. doesnt matter where i put them, emustation doesnt see them. Also if i use scanner it finds nothing. Even weirder, i used the downloader in emu, it claimed to have installed a emulator for me, but then still nothing on the carousel?????? Aggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! killl me now. And this really is confusing me, After my initial prob, when i recovered the system, i did a reset back to factory reset. Idea being starting again from a clean slate. then did softmod again, then installed unleashx and added xbmc emustation as an application. Now unless i do this all again(noooooooo) im sure i started off with just C+E drives. Now i have C,E and bloody Q+S drives Ive tried installing to E re emulators and roms and tried doing it to Q, either way i end up with nothing. When emustation loads from scratch it has the paths for the emulators and roms pointing to Q??? if i put anything in Q it doesnt find it????] so tried changing the paths to E, then put emulators and roms in there respective folders in E and still nothing. Only thing that has added straight forward, is Xbox games via downloader, this then automatically created a new logo on the carousel with the games inside. Why cant i get anything else to work. I think i Hate this xbox modding lark, i feel so thick right now. Call myself an engineer! Im going to solder something or use my multi meter on summat to try and make myself feel better. Xbox has one for today , white flag i give up.
  5. Yay its alive again Going to try and find out whats best to have on it 1st, as still learning. Whats the thoughts out there? Is XBMC emustation good and i just need to learn how it works, or am i better stopping with unleash? Also next step is to replace the harddrive with a bigger one ive got kicking about, so clone original and install that. next I am not sure what the best emulators are to install, dont wont everything, Id sooner have quality over quantity. Dont want a load of games on just for the sake of it, and never have any intention of using, Would be curious what applications people think are the best ones to have installed. And still not figured out best place to get roms and emulators. found some but prob not all. Anyone out here done the HDMI mod? Id like to know if theres a cheaper way of doing it, other than the kit ive seen so far. Once again ta 4 the help b4, rocky5 disc saved the day.
  6. Just thought I'd add some other info.Preety sure i know exactly how this happened.was in emustation at time and wanted to go back to using unleash.Before i did this i went online to see how i could do this, and read a post which suggested it was as easy as deleting the emustation folder.I was a bit sceptical, and also worried as i was already in emustation, and thought (if i delete this folder is it not going to cause me any probs??)seems i was right to worry about this. Because as soon as i did this and rebooted, we ended up in this situation.I thought it would be possible to swap between emustation and another dashboard?bit like dual boot? Dont think i would have installed it, if i knew i was going to be stuck on it.
  7. thanks for the replies guys. going to try and source an external dvdrw drive for my laptop, as cant burn a disc at mo. once ive done that im hopefully going to be able to recover it by booting the xbox through its optical drive with the extras disc. such a pain in the ass that my laptop drive is just a rom. Im going to try the simple option 1st b4 i try anything more exotic/challenging. thanks again. MrB
  8. Thanks for the reply, but unsure what id be transfering? a folder for say unleash?] and to where if im softmodded ta Paul
  9. Im quite embarassed to have to admit this, but im finding some of this modding stuff quite difficult dispite being an electrical/electronic engineer and have worked as a technician a various roles for over 30 years.Maybe its my age?I have got myself in a jam, I wanted to remove xbmc emustation and go back to unleash (sorry) but i was struggling to get emustation to work.Ive ended up with the Fatal error msg. (XBMC Fatal Error:No suitable skin version foundWe require at least version 2.1000IP Address: FTP server...)Further more prior to this, i have been struggling to make a ISO image of extras disc.everytime ive downloaded it from git hub 613mb, when i try to unzip it i get an error msg from winzip?also if i try to make an ISO image and open zip file with imgburn or similar the folder appears to be empty?what am i doing wrong?from the XBMC Fatal error screen, can i just drag and drop something to rescue this from pcp using FTP client.I want to weep!!!! Paul B aka Masterbateson p.s. Just found out there is a slight fly in my ointment, in as much as when i fished out my laptops DVD drive, i found out its only a ROM so untill i can sort something out I cant burn a disc.I was kinda hoping I could FTP the missing files to the HDD or boot from my Memory stick, i was hoping like when ive recovered a pc b4 using a recovery image on a usb drive.Guess Xbob doesnt play like that.suppose im going to have to find somewhere to burn a disc, annoying thing is Ive several old full size dvd re writers kicking about in the attic.Thanks again for help, will sort disc out 1st b4 i try anything else.cheersMrB

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