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  1. First of all im sorry if this is in the wrong place i couldnt find an Xbox support section on the forum and this seem like the most correct place. I burnt Hexen to a DVD and then after there was nothing showing up on the disc so i double checked the iso by mounting it and then it said its corrupted. I'm using the Hexen 2018 disc from this website. I also tried downloading from both Mega and mediafire and i'm getting the same problems. When I try opening the disc when its mounted i get this. This is what showed up on the disc after burning. I
  2. It says the iso is currupt? And i tried redownloading and mega says transfer complete even thou i deleted the files off my PC
  3. I bought a hard modded xbox off a friend and i wanted to change the hdd. How do i burn this too a disc can i just do it like any normal disc and chuck it in imgburn and off i go or do i need to change anything like when creating a 360 iso you have to change the key or something. Thank you

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