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  1. The hard drive that came with it isn’t functional, it was left outside in the rain for some time. So in order to flash it I believe I’d have to dump the eeprom, lock a hard drive, acquire an Xbox dvd drive and follow the standard softmod procedures to TSOP since I can’t do it with a mod chip installed, truthfully I probably won’t end up doing it. It’s be a lot of effort for something with little payoff! If the mod chip breaks For any reason I’ll reinstall the lpc header and mod chip. But it’s pretty solidly in there for now
  2. I have BT grounded but I don’t have a functioning Xbox DVD drive right now. I have a Pc drive in there. Ill put a switch on the BT ground so I can easily disable it when I get a new dvd drive, and I guess I’ll have to dump the eeprom so I can lock a hard drive to the Xbox as well. I appreciate the help with this, but I’ll have to put it on hold for a while or very well not do it. The mod chip seems to be working perfectly well right now anyways. Thanks again!
  3. I figured, I soldered one the LPC header and the cable for my grounded D0 can just be clipped and put back together. I’ll go ahead and remove my chip and just follow the typical guide, I just thought there might be an easier way with the chip. Thank you!
  4. Hi! I’ve recently bought and repaired a (very rusty and water damaged) Xbox. After cleaning it up, removing the clock cap and galvanizing, painting and taping the RF shield I chipped it with an Aladdin 4032 mod chip. Now that my wife is sufficiently annoyed with me spending a lot of time on this, is there an easy way to TSOP flash my v1.1 Xbox without removing my mod chip? I want to get it done now in case the mod chip fails in the future. The original hard drive is very much worthless as is the original DVD drive. I booted Hexen using a PC dvd drive just fine after chipping it. I just want to make sure I’ll be able to use any hard drive in it without the mod chip in case it breaks.

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