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  1. Hey Samspin Your method worked a treat after few times it finally worked and it flashed without any issues. I did worry at start but it all went well. Appreciate your help. I have made note of your posts about the way to partition the HDD and in EVtools. Thanks again
  2. Thanks Dave, your help was very much appreciated mate
  3. Thank you so much, I will be adding that to my text file for future use.
  4. Thank ou so much to both of you!! really appreciate your time helping. Now what to next? should i play with EVtools and change things in Bios then upload again and Flash or should i just leave it and drop in the 2TB HDD?
  5. omg! Xblast worked!! had to create folder called Bios then had to create image folder too but put the files in there , ran xblast and wished myself all the luck thinking id brick the xbox lol and wallahhhhhhhhh Bios changed Thank youuuuuuuuuuu
  6. which of these files would be the one for F&G capability in the EvoX bios files? about to FTP it to HDD of xbox
  7. so i just unzip , and send whole extracted folder via FTP to C of Xbox?
  8. Thanks heaps Samspin, will try this now after download
  9. i actually dont , was going to search for it , do you know where i can find it please mate ?
  10. yeh, booted from DVD went to Bios flash options and selected the EvoX bios for 1.6 xBOX and got same error as the blue screen i did before
  11. Thanks for this info, I'm hoping it's not the chip that is protected =( Will give xblast a try now, see what happens
  12. So I tried with slayers in bios flash menu and same error again as the one I got about the drive ID =(
  13. Thank you, I'm going to download both and try them now see what happens, wish me luck I will report back
  14. Hey Dave, I am using 256KB Bios from Hexen, its the EvoX M8+ 1.6 (F&G) option.. every time i try it from the Hexen DVD i get the following error please see image Could it be that the chip is not flashable or locked from flash ? I formatted the HDD and starting fresh with the Hexen DVD but that damn logo was still there after format and install of Hexen dvd to format and partition HDD, So that part went all well but the Bios i cant flash with the Hexen.

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