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  1. Thanks @SS_Dave. As soon as I softmodded the 1.1 first thing was removing that ticking time bomb! Out came the magnifying glass to check the board and it was crystal clear no leakage or expansion of the capacitor. TSOP is now complete and I have run a few tests today and all is well so tomorrow hopefully going to re apply new thermal paste and then mess about with a custom tinted jewel idea with a neopixel. Going to be hit or miss but I have a spare top shell kicking about to improvise with.
  2. Tell me about it! I wasn’t aware of the damage caused by the leaking capacitor until I sifted through the forum so very thankful for that! I’m jealous of you already! I Would love to add a cpu upgrade to my collection but thankfully I’ve spoke to N64 Freak and snapped up some of his precious time for a ram upgrade.I just managed to pick up a spares or repair crystal clear og due to no av cable which I’m presuming it’s a v1.4 for £15 on the wonderful flea bay so got some tinkering to do to keep me busy in the forthcoming days. Appreciate the reply and if you have any tips that I haven’t already read up on would appreciate that also.
  3. Evening all I’m rather late to the party 15years at a wild guess! A simple loft clear out and low and behold my 1.1 from when I was a child came out of its box! No leakage from the clock capacitor which I couldn’t believe!! I have just completed a clock capacitor removal and Tsop all successful just thought I’d pop in and say hi!

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