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  1. Yes the cable is the fault you are right
  2. Yes but i think that the problem has to do with the controller
  3. I tried other ports 2 3 and still the same problem Here im gona send you right now the images of my xbox but plz zoom the images and thank you very much
  4. xbox controller keeps disconnecting i tried another new controller and is disconnecting again i tried with ps2 converter adaptor controller still the same problem the controller work fine the xbox ports are fine where is the problem plz help me
  5. Thank my brother i have download the skin i have it but there is a problem when i select the game in the list the movie preview plays without sound
  6. So this skin which you gave me is not the skin which im looking for right
  7. Hello im new here i want help where can i get this unleashX skin plz someone help me

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